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Best Hanging Egg Chair: Reviews and Buying Guides

A hanging egg chair is a beautiful addition to your living space, or even outdoors in a garden or mid-way in a conservatory. Whether you’re looking to save space, or create a certain aesthetic egg chairs ooze class, fun, and comfort all wrapped into one.

Like a traditional chair, a hanging egg chair is designed to give you complete comfort as the egg shape supports your back, shoulders, and legs, whilst the sides encapsulate you making you feel cozy and safe. They are great chairs for the whole family as they can create a comfortable reading spot for adults or a nap area/play area for small children!

Having a hanging egg chair isn’t just comfortable, but it can also add a lot of style and depth to any room. We appreciate that for a lot of you reading this, you may be stumped on which hanging egg chair is the best for you, especially if you have a number of factors to consider when making your purchase.

However, you needn’t worry as below we’ve listed a few things for you to consider (with our personal suggestions) as well as a detailed FAQ to answer any burning questions that you may have. It may be that a zero gravity chair. We know that with so many on the market it can be hard to know which hanging egg chair is the best.

So, without further ado, we’ve taken the time to review the 10 best hanging egg chairs on the market. We’ve taken into account their overall design and practicality, as well as other key features. We’ve also included at the bottom a detailed buyer guide with said considerations and an FAQ section to answer any of your burning questions on hanging egg chairs. So, if you would like to learn a bit more before you buy keep on reading!

1. Chair Hanging Rattan Swing Patio Garden Weave Egg

The Chair Hanging Rattan Swing Patio Garden Weave Egg with Cushion is a beautifully designed hanging egg chair that can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on what you’d prefer. Supported by a strong, round base, this egg chair will support adults and children as well as additional soft furnishings like pillows and blankets with complete ease.

Due to it being made from rattan, you can confidently use this egg chair in your garden as the material is durable and made to withstand the varying elements in particular rain. Just ensure that you take the soft furnishings off and you’ll be good to go. It’s easy to put together and maintain, and overall a great addition to indoor or outdoor furniture.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding egg chair
  • Made from durable rattan material
  • Easy to erect design
  • Suitable for adults and children


  • Brand: Chair
  • Material: Rattan
  • Colour: Brown
  • Support: Freestand


  • Due to this being freestanding, you can use it anywhere you want and move it around with ease
  • Suitable for outdoor use due to the robust rattan used


  • The rattan egg is woven, giving you less privacy/noise blocking

2. Dawsons Living Vienna Hanging Egg Chair

The Dawsons Large Brown Hanging Rattan Swing Patio Garden Chair Weave Egg is a beautifully designed egg chair that is made with woven rattan and can be used indoors or outdoors. Due to the woven style, this is an incredibly robust egg chair that can be dressed up with blankets, cushions, and pillows to make it as cozy (or as minimal) as you’d like.

The rattan ensures that you can use this outdoors, and the freestanding style means you won’t have to screw this egg chair into the ceiling or test your DIY skills too much! Easy to put up and maneuver, you can enjoy this egg chair in style no matter where you put it.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding hanging egg chair
  • Robust rattan material
  • Deep-set egg style design


  • Brand: Dawsons
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Rattan
  • Support: Freestand


  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors due to the materials used


  • woven rattan is not completely opaque

3. Yaheetech Hanging Rattan Swing Chair

The Yaheetech Swing Seat Chair With Stand For Gardens Bedrooms Indoor Outdoor Hanging Furniture is a beautiful rattan egg chair that is made in a woven style. This ensures that it’s robust and durable, whilst still looking stylish and chic. This design and material enable you to use the hanging egg chair both outside and inside the home, and the large base means that it’s sturdy and can withstand the elements.

It’s easy to put together and can be used both by adults and children for endless comfort and fun.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding hanging egg chair
  • Robust rattan material
  • Easy to erect design


  • Brand: Yaheetech
  • Material: Rattan
  • Colour: White
  • Support:Freestand


  • Woven rattan is robust and is suitable for outdoor use


  • Rattan style may not be to everyone’s taste

4. Nicole Knupfer Hanging Egg Basket

The Nicole Knupfer Hanging Egg Basket is a beautifully designed hanging egg chair that is made in a woven style and comes with thick, padded cushions. With a freestanding base, sturdy chain, and deep-set seat this is going to bring you comfort and style every single time.

The exterior design has two holes on either side which is great for grip to hoist yourself into the seat, and the seat is deep enough for multiple cushions and throws so you can be as cozy as possible. This is an excellent chair both for adults and children and can work either in a sitting room, conservatory, or even outside. The woven texture is easy to clean and also can withstand the elements even if you get caught in the rain.

Key Features:

  • Freestanding hanging egg chair in woven material
  • Deep-set design for comfort and style
  • Woven material is water-resistant and robust


  • Brand: Nicole Knupfer
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Rattan
  • Support: Freestand


  • Handles built in either side are great for those who need extra support to lift themselves up


  • Colour and style may not be to everyone’s taste

5. Soundwinds Hanging Egg Chair Cushion

The Soundwinds Egg Hammock Chair Cushion Hanging Basket is a robust and sturdy hanging egg chair that comes with soft cushions made from thick material, giving you optimum comfort. This chair can work well both indoors and outdoors, and the woven material is easy to maintain and clean. The deep-set cushions also give additional comfort, especially if you struggle with chairs feeling too rigid/uncomfortable.

Key Features:

  • Woven hanging egg chair
  • Freestand design
  • Robust and sturdy base


  • Brand: Soundwinds
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Rattan
  • Support: Freestand


  • Cushions are soft and comfortable


  • Handles and overall design may not be to everyone’s taste

6. ZHAS Hanging Basket Swing Chair

The ZHAS Hanging Basket Swing Chair is a modern and cozy hanging egg chair made from wicker. Unlike typical egg chairs, this has a minimal design and would be suited to smaller rooms, conservatories, or gardens which may not suit the “volume” that other egg chairs can sometimes evoke. It comes with soft, spongy cushions which will support your back, legs, and arms and the overall design is incredibly chic and classy.

This would also work beautifully on a patio, just make sure you don’t leave the cushions outside as they won’t withstand rain and cold weather well.

Key Features:

  • Woven wicker egg chair style
  • Modern and chic design
  • Thick padded cushions included


  • Brand: ZHAS
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Wicker


  • Great for smaller spaces due to the minimalistic design


  • The design may not be to everyone’s taste

7. Yuany Hanging Basket Swing Chair

The Yuany Hanging Basket Swing Chair is an edgy hanging egg chair that comes in a grey woven pattern and a brown base. Slightly smaller than other egg chairs on the market, this is cozy, chic, and would look great indoors or outdoors, too. It has more of a “chair” feel due to there being no support for the neck and head, and the caged design would work better in smaller places that don’t want to be engulfed by the volume that other egg chairs can bring.

Key Features:

  • Caged design egg chair with chain and copper base
  • Robust and modern design
  • Woven material on egg chair


  • Brand: Yuany
  • Colour: Grey and copper
  • Support: Freestand


  • Great for smaller spaces due to the caged design and minimal base


  • Style and design may not be to everyone’s taste

8. Dirty Pro Rattan Swing Chair

The Dirty pro-Rattan Swing Chair is a beautifully designed egg chair that oozes earthiness and warm tones due to the colors and wicker used. The woven design is intricate whilst still feeling robust, and the chair can work both indoors and outdoors.

The egg design is deep-set meaning that you can pack this full of cushions, throws, and pillows and feel cozy and snug. The freestanding base means that you’ll feel stable each time you move around in it, and this design can also work beautifully outdoors in the sunshine whilst reading a book.

Key Features:

  • Intricate woven design
  • Robust and steady infrastructure
  • Deep-set seating for cushions


  • Brand: Dirty Pro
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Wicker weave
  • Support: Freestand


  • Close-knit weave can shield you from the sun, making this great for outdoors reading/entertainment


  • Style may not be to everyone’s taste

9. Cherry Tree Hanging Egg Chair

The Cherry Tree Hanging Egg Chair is a sturdy and robust hanging egg chair that comes in a woven style with a steel frame. Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, the egg chair is freestanding and easy to put together. You can make it as cozy or as minimal as you like, due to the depth of the chair. Pillows and cushions look great in any color due to the chair frame being black, and overall this is a gorgeous piece of furniture that will add style, class, and comfort to any space.

Key Features:

  • Cage style is a woven material
  • Deep-set chair for cushions and throws
  • Robust steel frame


  • Brand: Cherry Tree
  • Colour: Black
  • Dimensions: L x W x H – 119 x 124 x 190 cm


  • Design works both inside and outside
  • The steel frame is robust and weather-resistant


  • Style may not be to everyone’s taste


As you can see, there are so many amazing products to choose from.


The material you pick will directly impact how you can use your chair and the aesthetic that it gives off. Commonly, there are three main fabrics used: rattan, wicker, and then cloth/synthetic. Rattan furniture is probably the most versatile, as it can be woven in such a way to suit an indoor aesthetic as well as an outdoor one. For example, rattan cube furniture, rattan garden benches, and rattan garden chairs are designed in such a way that they’d look great in a conservatory, outhouse, or garden (grass or patio).

Wicker, although likened to rattan, can often look out of place in some indoor environments kind of the equivalent of a rattan sun lounger being placed in your front room it just doesn’t work. Fabric that is cloth-like or synthetic is similar to wicker in the sense that it would potentially look out of place outside, but would look great indoors or in a study room/reading room. You have to think about the placing of your hanging egg chair before making a purchase, as the wrong material could limit how you intend to use it.


Although most hanging egg chairs come in neutral colors, you want to ensure that you pick a color that goes with the aesthetic of where you aim to place it. For example, if you have a lot of earthy tones inside your home, you may want to go for a cream or a brown, whereas for something more modern you’d want to go for plain black and white.

If you aim to have your chair outdoors, too, definitely factor this into the color. Darker colors will naturally fare better outside, and remember discoloration can happen from the sun and halogen heaters/lights that you use on the colder evenings.


Most hanging egg chairs come with a freestanding base, which in essence, should be sturdy and keep you from rocking and falling over like this in itself is a hazard. There are many different types of bases that you can get, for example, steel, coated metals as well as a plastic/synthetic blend.

If you’re going for the former material for your base, you may want to consider a variety of conservatory rugs for it to sit on, especially if you have wooden flooring which can be scratched. Similarly, look at conservatory flooring which is made to withstand varying furniture and generally has better wear and tear. Remember to always ensure that your base has some kind of padding underneath it so it doesn’t a) make noise and b) cause any damage!

Who is going to use it?

Although this may not sound like an important factor, it’s one that you definitely need to consider. If you have pets or small children, you need to be mindful that they will be more prone to accidents on your furniture! We wish that toddlers didn’t throw food, but unfortunately, that’s a dream for many parents…!

If you have small children and pets, we recommend going for darker colors and a material like rattan as it’s less likely to look damaged and is a lot more scratchproof from pets. If you have a puppy, we highly recommend having the chair in a room (especially for the initial first year) that the puppy won’t be near.

Dogs are prone to chewing and scratching when they’re babies, it’s just naturally how they are. Especially with larger dogs, although they won’t directly be sitting in the chair, they can still damage it or scratch it, so be mindful!


Which hanging egg chair is the best?

We’d be biased if we told you which hanging egg chair is our favorite, and it’s also incredibly subjective. In our humble opinion, the best hanging egg chair is one that has a stable base, is made with high-quality materials, and can work both inside and outside the home.

Hanging egg chairs aren’t the cheapest options out there, so if you’re investing your money into a piece of furniture like this, you want to ensure that it delivers on all accounts. Try and stick to neutral colors, and factor in who is going to be using the egg chair. If you have young children or pets, you may want to factor that into your decision and go for something more practical that will cater to who is using it.

How do I assemble my chair?

Most chairs follow similar processes whereby you’d need a screwdriver and an open space to assemble them. All hanging egg chairs, regardless of brand, should come with an instruction manual as well as all of the pieces you need to ensure it’s secure.

If you’re buying this piece for a commercial place of residence or office, you can also ask contractors/builders to assemble it for you. Some retailers on Amazon can also offer someone to come and assemble the piece for you if you’re unable to due to strength/healthcare conditions. All in all, it should be a fairly easy process however we know that some people hate DIY, so maybe asking a friend is better!

Are hanging egg chairs comfortable?

Absolutely! What makes hanging egg chairs so unique is that you feel truly weightless when sitting in one due to it being slightly off the ground with no legs. You can also slightly rock in these (not too much) which can be great for smaller children, or if you just want a nice nap.

The depth of egg chairs is what also makes them really comfortable, as you can pack them with throws, cushions, and pillows to give you an encapsulating, luxurious experience overall. In summary, they’re a great investment if you’re looking for comfort, and completely customizable with what you can put inside them.

Can a hanging egg chair fall?

If you haven’t secured it properly, then it could, in fact, fall. The benefit of the egg chairs we’ve reviewed is that they don’t require you to screw them into a ceiling which is commonly where hanging egg chairs can fall as they haven’t been drilled in properly. Make sure that everything feels sturdy before you start sitting on it, and ensure that you check the chair regularly for any looseness.

Naturally, screws can loosen over time from movement, so as long as you’re checking regularly you shouldn’t have any issues. If your hanging egg chair feels very flimsy, we recommend contacting your retailer as you may have bought a low-quality product which can end up being a hazard.

How do I know which hanging egg chair is the best for me?

Like we’ve said before, picking an egg chair is entirely subjective because everybody is going to have different wants and needs. We recommend taking the time to measure the space you’re looking to put it in, looking at your color palette, and identifying the other areas to consider (mentioned above) before starting your search.

There’s no need to overcomplicate it, however, we do recommend being methodical about it like you would when buying a sofa or a bed. It has to fit your needs above anything else!

What else can a hanging egg chair be called?

If your search for an egg chair is unsuccessful (and you haven’t chosen any of the products we’ve listed) then we recommend inputting the following phrases which may give you more luck, especially when shopping online:

  • hanging egg chair with stand
  • indoor hanging egg chair
  • rattan hanging egg chair
  • how to make a hanging egg chair
  • outdoor hanging chair

Please note that outdoor hanging chairs may specifically only be designed for outdoor spaces, so make sure that you double-check before making your purchase! If you have the option to buy your chair in person, have some pictures ready on your phone so the assistant can help you search for what you need.

How do I install a hanging egg chair?

The video below shows how to correctly install a hanging egg chair.


We really hope that you’ve enjoyed this buyer guide and that the reviews and suggestions are going to help you make your purchase. Remember, always read the reviews and make a decision that feels right for you!

Amazon Basics Mid-Back Office Chair Reviews

Review Summary:

  • Ergonomic office chair upholstered in black leather
  • Padded seat and back for all-day comfort
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; dual-wheel casters
  • 225-pound maximum weight capacity; assembly instructions included
  • Measures 24.02 inches deep by 24.02 inches wide by 34.84 to 38.58 inches high; 1-year limited warranty

Do you want to add a sensible style to your workplace or home office with a great-looking office chair?

Then AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair can be the ideal one for you!

The Amazon-Basics Mid-Back Office Chair is a completely ergonomic office chair. It’s completely padded in black leather. This chair can endure a maximum weight of 225 lbs. It comes with pneumatic seat height adjustment & dual-wheel casters.

Its sophisticated appearance & modern profile provide a professional look for any place while adjustable settings and smooth contours allow for all-day comfort.


  • Completely ergonomic office chair
  • Padded seat & back for comfort
  • Dual-wheel casters
  • Pneumatic seat-height adjustment
  • Weight capacity 225 lbs maximum
  • Assembly instructions included
  • One-year limited warranty


Fully Adjustable: Straightforward pneumatic controls enable you to lower or raise your seat & rock back in your office chair. The adjustable chair helps enhance an ergonomically appropriate seated position that is important when in front of the PC or at your desk for long periods of time.

Comfort: Supple, smooth, black leather upholstery makes this office chair the next level of comfort and ease. The leather upholstery covers both the gently contoured padded back and padded seat of the chair. Also, curved, textured nylon armrests provide extra support & comfort.

Ergonomic design: This office chair is an entirely ergonomic office chair in each and every way that matters the most. The majority of the people preferred this chair mentioning its great ergonomic design along with the performance. This great ergonomic design helps to avoid developing back and shoulder problems & supports the lower back & evokes great posture.

Chairs with Backrests &Headrests: The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair has a comfortable headrest& backrest. This great feature makes sure that your back & headrest comfortable so as to eliminate the stress fell on the neck & the spine. In addition, the backrest of the chair is tall enough to support the shoulders & back fully.

Dual-Wheel CastersThe chair swivels for multitasking ease while its long-lasting dual-wheel casters offer smooth-rolling mobility from one area to another. So, you can easily move backward, sideways & forward without scrapping your carpets and/or floors.

Very affordable

The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair comes at a very affordable price. It still has almost all the features of the top models. Also, it makes no compromises on comfort & quality, regardless of the lower price tag. Moreover, this office chair provides a one-year limited warranty.


  • The leather is comfortable
  • Good cushion
  • Very easy setup
  • Easy to assemble
  • Decent back support
  • Adjustable height
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Durable
  • Provide 1-year warranty


  • Comes in only one color
  • The chair tilts a bit even when locked in place
  • Come with a weight limit: 225 lbs


The Amazon-Basics Mid-Back Office Chair is a very good budget option available with free shipping. So if you are on a tight budget and want to utilize your money efficiently, simply go for this office chair combined with fantastic quality & durability. So, don’t waste your time! Go &Grab it.

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How to Drink Egg Coffee Like a Native?

If you have ever been to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and have tasted egg coffee, you will never forget this special drink. If you are planning to come to Vietnam soon, we recommend you give this drink a try! In this article, we will share with you how to drink egg coffee like a native. This is also how we enjoyed this drink in Hanoi.

How to drink egg coffee like a native?

The story of egg coffee – How to drink egg coffee?

The creator of the unique egg coffee is Nguyen Van Giang, who used to work as a bartender for the 5-star Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel during the French colonial period (from 1930-1945). Mr. Giang then quit his job and opened a cafe with his name on Cau Go Street, and then moved to 7 Hang Gai. 

From the Western cappuccino, Mr. Giang has quietly researched a cheaper way to prepare it. Because in that situation fresh milk is a scarce commodity in Hanoi. He used whipped egg yolks, creating the same effect as a real cappuccino.

After beating the eggs, the coffee that has just been filtered through the filter is boiled and poured into the egg glass, causing the eggs to rise to the top, looking at the egg foam mixed with coffee creating an extremely attractive golden brown color.

In fact, Mr. Giang’s traditional secret to making an egg coffee also adds a lot of things to the egg yolk before whisking. Mr. Giang’s relatives revealed that they added caramel (wine sugar water). Some people think that there must be some butter and sweetened condensed milk. However, this recipe is still completely top-secret to create the taste of egg coffee at Giang restaurant which is different from other egg cafes in Hanoi. The specialty also lies in the quality of coffee, the way it is made, the ratio between coffee and eggs in a cup, all of which create a rare and delicious taste.

Address of Giang coffee shop in Nguyen Huu Huan today

Currently, the coffee shop at 7 Hang Gai is no longer available. Among the three children of Mr. Giang, the two brothers opened two Giang cafes at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan and 106 Yen Phu, and the sister also sold egg coffee at her own Dinh cafe.

How to drink egg coffee like a native?

According to Mr. Hoa, Mr. Giang’s son, before, when there was no egg beater, the shop would give each guest a glass with two egg yolks and a chopstick to split the head, insert two small cross-shaped stick, and then use both hands to rub the chopsticks to beat the eggs. The owner will then pour hot coffee into the cup for the customer. Not to mention, this hobby of drinking coffee is also interesting because more guests feel the delicious taste due to their efforts. However, with the arrival of the egg beater, the guests will now feel the taste of this dish differently and more richly.

The most appropriate way to drink egg coffee is to tilt the cup properly because both coffee and eggs can be drunk. The aroma of coffee and the fatty taste of egg cream will startle people because of its harmony. In the cold winter of Hanoi, drinking egg coffee is not as interesting.

How to make egg coffee the right way – How to drink egg coffee?

Egg coffee is made quite simply. The bartender must choose fresh whole eggs so as not to cause a fishy smell. Coffee must also be of the finest quality of Vietnam, with a strong aroma. Strain the egg yolk, beat it by hand or machine until it smells like cake, then pour hot coffee lightly into the center of the cup. Pour slowly and you will see the egg rise to the top of the cup.

The way to make egg coffee is not too complicated but requires sophistication and ingenuity. Perhaps that is why in Hanoi, the number of successful baristas can only be counted on the fingers. The recipe is nothing special or secret, but very few places can make this drink recipe. The secret lies in reducing the ratio of eggs, coffee and milk so that it is just right, harmonious, not too sweet, not too bitter, greasy taste hidden in the passionate scent.

The greasy egg flavor blends with the aroma of coffee to create the unique flavor of the coffee cup. You should drink it as soon as the cup of coffee is still hot, otherwise, it will be fishy and difficult to drink.

Egg coffee will be served in 1 bowl of hot water

When drinking, one must slowly stir the floating foam, bringing each small spoon to the mouth so that the beaten egg dissolves, spreading the rich flavor. Egg coffee cups are usually small, low-grade cups that fit in the palm of your hand, just enough for people to enjoy, feel delicious but still crave and miss.

Therefore, the fragrant cup of coffee made from coffee, eggs, and milk has a strange attraction to anyone who has ever had the opportunity to enjoy it. Egg coffee is especially suitable for people who can’t stand the bitter taste of filter coffee, but still want to enjoy and sip a little. The sweet, fatty taste of eggs and milk will melt away the most “unpleasant” part of coffee, leaving only a sweet and attractive aroma.

Egg coffee recipe – How to drink egg coffee?


To make egg ice cream

● Egg yolks: 2 yolks

● Condensed milk: 20ml

● Sugar: 20g

● Rum: 10ml or replace with 1 teaspoon vanilla for the fragrance

Make coffee

● Filtered coffee: 125 ml

● Condensed milk: 30ml


● Tea filter

● Measuring cup

● Egg whisk or egg beater

● Cups, spoons

How to make egg coffee without fishy

Step 1: Make filter coffee: First, rinse the filter through boiling water, then put 20g of coffee into the filter and then press the lid down. Slowly pour 15ml of boiling water in a circle around the filter to let the coffee absorb the water evenly, wait for about 2-3 minutes for the coffee to expand evenly, then pour boiling water over 3/4 of the filter, then close the lid and let the coffee automatically flow out.

Step 2: Make the egg-cream mixture: First filter the egg yolks and put them in a large bowl, add condensed milk, sugar, and alcohol to the bowl and beat with a spatula until the eggs thicken into cream, use a spoon to lift them. The comparison is fine. If you use a coffee machine, it only takes 2-3 minutes to beat.

Step 3: Make egg coffee: After brewing the coffee filter, you add 30ml of condensed milk and stir gently until the mixture is even, note that you should stir gently to keep the coffee warm to keep the taste. tasty. Then slowly pour the egg cream on the surface, because the egg cream is lighter, it will float on top, you pour it with the ratio of egg cream: coffee is 1:1 to achieve the best level.

Note: Hot egg coffee will keep the true taste of Hanoi, so if your coffee has been cold for a long time, you should put it back in the microwave to heat the coffee. And especially, you should only pour egg cream on coffee to make egg coffee when you can enjoy it right away.

Egg coffee has been around for a long time, so it doesn’t create a culinary fever like the noisy dishes of today. It is just enough to smolder to spread, contributing to forming a very Hanoi culinary culture, unmistakable. Hopefully, with this article, you have understood more about egg coffee and also really understood better how to drink egg coffee like a native. Thank you so much!

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