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Best Ninja Coffee Bars to Buy of 2021

Ninja is a popular name when it comes to coffee bars. Its products offer great ease and are known to be reliable.

In this article, we’ll look at the best Ninja coffee bars for all kinds of budgets and users. We surveyed the market and picked the six best products based on performance, price, features, and ease of use.

1. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (CP301) – Runner up

First on the list is the CP301 known for its incredible range. There’s a lot to like about this easy to use but an expensive machine. It can serve drinks in multiple sizes, from full carafes to small cups.

There’s also a special tea brew basket that provides great tea, whether you use loose-leaf or tea bags.

This compact machine will look pretty good sitting on your kitchen countertop. Made from plastic, it’s glossy and attractive. Plus, there are silver highlights and sleek indicators that make it look classy.

It’s small, portable, and easy to use thanks to automatic functions. There are no manual modes that may come as a downer for some users because the machine doesn’t let you choose how much water you need.

You can also enjoy chilled drinks thanks to ‘Brew Over Ice’ and ‘Cold Brew’ options. The first option flash-chills hot coffee as it goes into containers with ice. The second option involves using warm water to immerse grounds for about 15 minutes.

It uses programmed volumes based on preset sizes. You can choose from six sizes: 

  •  Full carafe
  •  Half carafe
  •  Multi-serve containers
  •  Travel mugs
  •  Large mugs
  •  Small cups

The machine is easy to use. Swivel the knob and select your preferred brew size. The symbols are illuminated hence you will have no difficulty in choosing what you need. The next step is to select the flavor. You have three options to choose from: 

  •   Rich: Uses less water and provides a stronger taste.
  •   Classic: Uses more water for a classic taste.
  •   Specialty: This mode uses very little water and produces a concentrated coffee liquid (4 ounces) that serves as a base for foamy drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

The milk frother adds a lot to the experience. It enhances the taste and folds away, making it easier to store the unit. 


  •  You can choose from a variety of sizes
  •  The warming plate keeps drinks hot for up to 2 hours
  •  No cross-contamination thanks to separate coffee and tea filters
  •  Very versatile offering a variety of tastes
  •  Easy to use hence no learning curve


  •  Doesn’t have an Espresso setting
  •  The carafe isn’t dishwasher safe

2. Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker (CE201) – Best Budget Ninja Coffee Bar

If you are looking for an affordable coffee bar then consider the CE201 from Ninja. This beauty comes with a bunch of accessories including a permanent filter, removable water reservoir, Ninja integrated scoop, and 12-cup glass carafe.

It is not only cheap to buy but is also quite affordable to own since you will not have to invest in paper filters. It doesn’t offer as many brew options as our first pick but it wins when it comes to capacity.

This machine offers rich and classic settings, so you can get the taste that suits you more. The removable, large reservoir is quite easy to clean and use. We found it more useful than built-in reservoirs since it doesn’t require to fill it with a carafe.

We loved the flavor this beauty produces thanks to thermal flavor extraction that combines consistent blooming, saturation, and temperature

Since it’s programmable (24 hours), you’ll be able to prepare your coffee while you sleep and enjoy it when you wake up in the morning. But, what we love the most about this machine is the agitator. It circulates the drink while the pot brews to ensure the bottom is as hot as the top. 

This is a great feature because it is not uncommon for coffee to get burned or go cold at the top. However, it may not work for some people as the coffee may get ‘too hot’ if you want to drink it right away.


  •  Quite an affordable product
  •  Mid-brew pause lets you enjoy your coffee if you’re in a hurry
  •  The Small Batch function ensures your coffee doesn’t get diluted
  •  The filter is of high quality


  •  The coffee might be too hot for some individuals

3. Ninja Single-Serve Pod-Free Coffee Maker Bar with Hot and Iced Coffee – (CF111)

CF111 can be a good pick for users looking to make their own specialty coffee beverages. It offers a variety of sizes including: 

  •  Regular Cup
  •  Large Mug Travel Mug
  •  Large Multi-Serve

What we like the most about this coffee maker is its ability to create different styles. Your options include:

  •   Rich: Uses less water and provides a stronger taste.
  •   Classic: Uses more water for a classic taste.
  •   Specialty: This mode uses very little water and produces a concentrated coffee liquid (4 ounces) that serves as a base for foamy drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.
  •   Over Ice: It makes great iced coffee. We loved the taste. It doesn’t feel watered down thanks to the right concentration. 
  •   Cafe Forte: This brew offers complex flavors that is good if you enjoy a gourmet experience

The unit comes with an integrated frother that makes it possible to create great drinks like cappuccinos and lattes.

Like most modern systems from Ninja, this one also features the Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence Operating System that makes it easy to prepare your next cup of coffee. 


  •  It is very easy to use
  •  Features a see-through water reservoir
  •  The built-in frother ensures you enjoy a great taste
  •  Advanced Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology adds to the flavor


  •  Can be a little difficult to clean
  •  Doesn’t come with a programmable timer

4. Ninja Coffee Maker

If you want a unit that looks impressive then gets your hands on the Ninja CF091. We think that this is one of the best Ninja coffee bars due to a variety of features including a detailed manual it comes with that makes it easy to use and maintain the machine.

It also contains a 20-recipe guide that can help you make your favorite drinks the way you like ’em. Made from stainless steel, the machine is quite durable and features a permanent reusable filter, hence there’s no need to worry about having to replace the filter every now and then.

This affordable unit is quite versatile in terms of size and styles. However, its USP is the drip stop level that lets you grab a cup while brewing without spilling coffee all over the counter.

The carafe (10 cups) stays hot thanks to the heating plate. We’re sure you’re going to love the built-in frother as well. For users who want more durability, there’s is also a thermal carafe version that costs a little more.

It also features Ninja’s special Smart Scoop technology. The Coffee Bar is pre-warmed, which means every following cup will be hotter than the first one. The machine only takes about 3 minutes to preheat. Hence, you will not have to wait a lot for your first cup to be ready.


  •  Cafe Forte improves the taste
  •  The removable water reservoir makes it easy to use the unit
  •  The clean cycle feature makes it fun to use the device
  •  Suitable for all kinds of people


  •  Looks a little bulky
  •  Coffee may get bitter if the temperature is very high

5. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker (CM401) – Best Overall

If you want a unit that offers everything that Ninja is known for then get your hands on the CM401. It’s known for specialty brews including lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiato.

We also loved the iced coffee this unit produces. It tastes incredible and is never watered down. The machine can produce six brew sizes, making it a good option for both individuals and families.

Its fold-away frother makes it easy to use and store. It is quite effective in turning cold or hot milk into a smooth froth. Plus, the unit is also SCA certified and is safe for home. Its amazing Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology ensures you get the best possible taste.

This pod-free machine excels when it comes to variety and can be perfect for a customized brew. It features almost everything we have discussed above including a permanent filter, removable water reservoir, Ninja Scoop with Onboard Storage, and Programmable Delay.


  •  The machine is easy to store
  •  SCA certified
  •  The permanent filter can help you save money
  •  Ninja Scoop with Onboard Storage makes it easy to use


  •  It cannot make Espresso unless you ground the beans
  •  The lid for the water fill may not work well for some users

6. Ninja Coffee Maker for Hot/Iced/Frozen Coffee – (CF080Z)

The last on the list is one of Ninja’s most popular products that offer great variety. It features Auto-IQ technology and gives users the ability to choose from various types of coffee including Over Ice, Specialty, Rich, and Classic.

It comes with a 43oz. glass carafe that’s the right size for the whole family. We also love the intelligent warming plate that keeps the drink warm for about 2 hours.

This Ninja coffee bar review will not be complete without mentioning one of these beauty’s best features the programmable system. 

You can set it up to prepare your drink for tomorrow so you do not have to get up to work hard. You’ll get your fresh coffee before you go out. This feature makes it a great pick for users who are always in a hurry.

It comes with some amazing accessories including a permanent filter, Ninja milk frother, coffee scoop, and insulated tumbler. 


  •  Comes with a 40-recipe cookbook with some great recipes
  •  Pretty good at coffee saturation
  •  The removable water reservoir makes it easy to use
  •  Portable at just 8.2 pounds


  •  Cannot make French press coffee
  •  Not the most durable option out there

Why Buy a Ninja Coffee Bar

There are various companies making coffee bars out there, so why should you opt for a Ninja coffee bar? Here are some reasons:

 Come With Everything You Need

Depending on the product you have selected, you will get everything you want to prepare a great cup of coffee including a permanent filter, frother, and carafe.


You can easily find a reliable coffee bar from Ninja for under $80. Hence, it is suitable for all kinds of buyers.


All the coffee bars come with a 1-year limited warranty. Hence, you will not have to worry about the product if anything goes wrong with it in the first year.

Excellent Customer Service

Ninja is known to offer excellent customer support. You can get in touch with the agents online or via phone and they’ll respond back within 24 hours. Most agents are friendly and well-informed.

Ease of Use

Almost all Ninja coffee bars are easy to use and store since they are compact and feature a lot of options including programmable systems. This makes it a lot of fun to prepare coffee. Plus, most units are versatile and can prepare a variety of brews and support different sizes.

Great Durability

The company produces products that are made to last. They come with a 1-year warranty but we found users who have been using Ninja products for over 3 years. Life largely depends on how well maintained you keep your product.

Best Ninja Coffee Bars: FAQ

Does the Ninja coffee bar make Espresso?

Most Ninja coffee makers cannot make Espresso. You can, however, adjust the proportion of water to ground coffee and use the specialty brew to prepare a form of Espresso.

What is the best Ninja coffee bar?

We have covered the 6 best Ninja coffee makers out there and while they’re all great, the best option may depend on your requirements and budget.

The Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401), for example, can be a good pick for users looking for a machine with a glass carafe.

It’s affordable and SCA certified. If you want a cheaper unit then consider the Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews (CE201).

How do I program my Ninja coffee maker?

Most Ninja coffee makers feature the Auto-IQ One-Touch Intelligence Operating System that makes it a breeze to prepare a cup of coffee. You only need to tell the machine what you want and it will prepare it for you.

Can you set a timer on the Ninja coffee bar?

Yes, you can if your Ninja coffee bar is programmable. Turn it on, fill the water reservoir, add ground coffee to the filter, place the carafe under the brew basket, and press the Delay Brew button on the screen. Select the right time, choose your desired brew, and you’re done.

How do I clean my ninja coffee maker?

Clean the outside using water and soap and clean the inside using white vinegar. This may come as a surprise to some but, yes, you can clean the Ninja coffee maker with vinegar.


If we had to choose the one best overall product, we’ll go with the Ninja Specialty Fold-Away Frother (CM401). It may be a little expensive but it’s worth the price since it is easy to fold and store and works like a charm.

The Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews (CE201) would be our best budget pick. It costs less than most coffee bars but has almost everything Ninja is known for.

For the runner up, we’ll go with the Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP301. It can brew a variety of styles and support various sizes.

At the end of the day, pick what suits you the best.

The Best Jura Coffee Machines in 2021: the Ultimate Guide and Reviews

You know that saying about how the Swiss do and make everything better? 

Chocolate, “banking,” watches, trains, skiing…

You can add one more to that list: espresso machines.

This is where Jura Elektroapparate makes its grand entrance (cue perfectly choreographed snow flurries, the sound of alpine bells, oh and Roger Federer [1], smiling and sipping a cappuccino).

Jura has perfected the science of machine-made automated espresso and turned it into an art. And convinced Roger Federer to be their spokesman. World domination over there.

The Final Shot:

BUDGET: For espresso purists looking for a high-quality shot, with minimal bells and whistles, go with the streamlined and more wallet-friendly Ena Micro 1. This machine is super-automatic basics at it’s finest.

BEST VALUE: For cappuccino fans who prefer variety but within a reasonable price range, our pick is the Jura E6 with fine foam technology for basic cappuccino making and all the features of the lower models – it is the best value compared to some of the top-tier models that offer only small convenience upgrades at much higher price points.

LUXURY: For coffee lovers looking for some frills to enjoy a more luxury experience and a wide range of milk-based drinks, like lattes and macchiato, the full-featured Jura E8 is your best pick. It offers 15 different beverages, the option to save favorite drinks, and touch screen controls all in a more compact body than the Z series and the Giga.

SHOWSTOPPER: For the overall best of the best, the Jura Giga 5 is the one to look at (or drool over). Featuring every technology upgrade Jura offers along with double everything (grinder, spout, foaming, etc.), it is like having your Barista at home. Nothing compares.

So who is Jura?

Jura Elektroapparate AG [2] was founded in 1931 as a distributor of home appliances. The company’s headquarters are in Niederbuchsiten in northern Switzerland. It wasn’t until the early 1980s that the company began producing its largest sales product: automatic coffee and espresso machines. 

Every feature on every Jura machine is fully automatic from the first step where coffee beans are freshly ground, to the final step where the machine self-cleans. You will find yourself enjoying the highest quality espresso-based beverages in less than 60 seconds, and with little more than the touch of a button.

I think most of us can handle lifting a finger to tap a touchscreen, right? Isn’t this what our iPhones have been training us for all along? Jura activation?

But what sets the company apart is their passion for ease AND quality. Like everything else Swiss, you’re not buying a machine, you’re investing high performance, precision, and when it comes right down to it: beauty. 

Their espresso machines are a thing of beauty. Both in terms of how the internal mechanisms function to produce a perfect shot of espresso and the aesthetics of the design and housing.

What to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Jura Coffee Machine

For most users looking into bringing home a Jura, the basics of what to look for are a little fuzzy. There isn’t as much general information on Jura espresso machines, but we’ve compiled our favorite key points to keep in mind for your search.

Juras can add a professional quality espresso and sophisticated edge to your day, but they also need to be able to fit within the demands of your lifestyle and environment. 

Here’s what we think you should keep in mind:


Jura does not make any budget-friendly machines, so you should come in expecting to invest. Prices range from $800 for a single cup machine to above $5,000 for Jura’s top of the line model.

You can always search for refurbished models, and Jura occasionally offers factory serviced machines that function like new but have been returned to the company for unspecified reasons. 


Jura machines all have self-cleaning technologies that prevent scaling, powder buildup, and other problems typical of the industry.

That being said, you will need to become familiar with and regularly purchase self-cleaning fluids and tablets that the machine uses to maintain itself. These products are typically included on the page where you buy, but if they are not, we have you covered in our reviews. 


Jura machines differ greatly in size and weight. The smallest machines can be tucked into a corner inconspicuously, but the largest machines take up large amounts of space and require some room to operate.

We will be keeping track of the dimensions to make sure that you don’t end up with a 40-lb. tank for your streamlined, urban apartment. We know everything looks smaller on the internet!


Any coffee-based beverage is only going to be as enjoyable as the beans that are used to make it. If you don’t already, you will need to source high-quality, whole coffee beans and drink enough coffee to make sure that those beans aren’t going stale.

You can use any beans that you like, but small-batch and single-origin coffee beans are going to make a world of difference over bulk and mass-produced coffee beans.

There are other factors to consider, such as color and material, but most Jura machines come with customizable aesthetics.

We will cover more in-depth things to know in the next couple of sections, but for now, hold on to this list of general thoughts as we begin to browse the different Jura lines and examine what each different type of machine has to offer.

An Overview of the Different Jura Lines

We will be taking a look at nine of the different model lines of Jura’s Super Fully Automatic coffee machines. They also offer a professional level line of machines, if you’re interested, but we will be reviewing the full line of Jura’s home espresso-machines. The machines are generally classified following their features and functionality, as well as their size and general purpose.

Jura designates a new line of coffee machines whenever a major technological breakthrough is achieved. We will review these technologies in-depth in the following section, and provide more specs when we cover each machine.

If you see a term that you don’t immediately understand, don’t worry, just reference the glossary in the next section!

Here’s a quick overview to get you started:

ENA Line: These machines are designed to deliver the best possible espresso while taking up the least amount of space possible. They are ultra-compact machines that can fit anywhere and can add supreme quality coffee to any environment. This line also includes one higher-end upgrade option with some upper-end features.

A-Line: Machines in this line are streamlined and minimalist, there are no displays and the purpose is for espresso only. You’ll need to check out one of the other lines for frothing capability. 

D Line: The D series is considered a slight upgrade to the A-line, a great option for cappuccino lovers who want to be able to enjoy milk-based drinks. Streamlined and no-frills, this machine will deliver straight shots or a perfectly frothy cappuccino, but don’t expect all the mid-range options like machiatti and lattes.

E Line: The E line introduces a new screen and drinks selection options, with programmed favorites like macchiati. It also incorporates a standard dual-spout and self-detecting water filtering technology, a largely technological upgrade from previous models.

S Line: The S line fuses some of the most loved features of the higher-end models with the compact size of some of the lower-end designs to create the ideal mid-range option for coffee connoisseurs. Most notably, it introduces an updated touch screen and some great custom drink options.

J Line: Options from this line incorporate a rotary switch that allows you to select and pre-program coffees into your daily routine. The currently available model in this category incorporates Jura’s base technologies, and the focus here is also on design and style.

Z Line: The Z line machines are some of the biggest on the list after the GIGAs. They utilize RFID technology to filter and use only the purest water through an Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.). Depending on the Z model that you purchase, you could have any number of the Jura technologies currently offered, as well as a touch screen display and side-mounted water reservoir. 

GIGA Line: The Giga models have always been Jura’s top of the line machines. They include a massive range of drink options and dual everything, including bean hoppers, grinders, heating, and fluid systems. All the bells and whistles are included here and the price tag tops out the list.

These machines and their respective technologies will serve you well, no matter what it is you are looking for. Keep in mind that with all their features and functionality, more expensive machines are almost always going to fall on the side of excessive for casual users.

Because of this and their high cost, you may want to pick a few features that stand out to you and forgo the unnecessary frills.

A Brief Glossary of Technologies

Jura’s research and development team are always busy making coffee dreams happen (aka figuring out how to make the process smoother and tastier), and they have incorporated numerous technological advancements into their machines. 

We’ve consolidated and explained some of Jura’s key features so that you can know exactly what’s going on in the making of your beverage. 

Aroma G3 Grinder: This is the grinder technology inside almost every Jura machine, designed to quickly but gently grind your whole beans into espresso grounds. The grinder has recently been upgraded on almost all models to the twice as fast G3, which runs with both highly efficient speed as well as finesse, for a perfect start to the brewing process.

CLARIS Filter System: This anti-scaling technology is designed to filter out hard minerals and prevent calcium deposits from building up on the heating element. Instead of having to treat your machine with chemical additives, CLARIS softens your water and makes it easier on your machine. 

CLEARYL Filters: These water filters are cartridges designed to filter impurities out of the water that you use in your machine, and there are three versions available for purchase. The most common filter is the CLEARYL Blue, but different machines occasionally call for different filters. 

Energy Save Mode: Most Jura machines have customizable energy output settings so that you can make sure to save energy during the parts of your day where you don’t need your machine. Machines equipped with E.S.M. technology are programmable to save up to 40% of energy output. 

Fine Foam Technology: This technology froths the milk twice in separate chambers, before slowly and evenly distributing the milk foam into your espresso-based beverage. The foam is compacted, hence the name “fine foam,” and has a creamy, sweet consistency. 

Intelligent Water Systems: The I.W.S. is a detection technology that communicates with the machine and the owner on whether there is a water filter in the machine that is adequate for use. The technology determines the best course of action and notifies the owner of when it is time to change filters.

P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process): This technology optimizes the coffee extraction process by managing the hot water levels and pumping it through the coffee grounds according to the type of drink being prepared. 

Rotary Switch: The rotary switch allows you to navigate through the programmable features of your Jura machine with ease. The rotary switch lets you customize water quantity and other settings that you may wish to change to suit your taste. 

TFT Display: This technology is paired with the rotary switch for an intuitive browsing experience. The machines equipped with this display allow you to select from all of the specialty drinks available on your machine, and with the press of a button, the machine will create it for you.

Smart Connect: This technology allows you to connect your phone to your espresso machine through Jura’s J.O.E. app. Most of the higher-end machines include Smart Connect built-in, but other models require an add-on if you wish to brew remotely from your smartphone.

As we review the individual Jura machines, we’ll make note of the different technologies so that you can be sure that you are investing in the highest quality machine that fits your lifestyle. 

Jura Super Fully Automatic Coffee Machines

Now, onto the good stuff! Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the beautiful machines Jura offers and break down what you can expect from each model.

The range of these machines is considerable, from one-touch single-serving espresso to nearly unlimited variations of espresso and coffee-based beverages.

We’ll cover every machine on Jura’s home product line, highlighting the key advantages, disadvantages, and suggesting what kind of lifestyle or home the machine is best suited for. 

Each of the machines carries a name that designates its line, so if there is any confusion, just reference the section dedicated to Jura lines specifically.

Jura Coffee Machine Reviews

1. Jura ENA 1 Automatic Coffee Machine

The ENA 1 is the simplest of all of Jura’s machines. It is the smallest machine on the list, the most affordable, and packed with the base technologies in Jura’s machines.

Your beverage begins by grinding whole coffee beans in a multi-level grinder, which are then pushed through a micro brewing unit. The machine delivers a rich espresso, with a soft layer of crema on top.

Best Suited For: The ENA 1 will add to any space and any lifestyle. It would only look strange in a gigantic kitchen, where its size would undersell its functionality. If you are looking for a machine that only does espresso, and does it fast and well, this would be an excellent model for your consideration.


  • This machine will fit anywhere, and improve any space. If you’re looking for compact-design, this is as sleek and compact as it gets.
  • A simple touch panel allows you to select from three different serving sizes of espresso, and two different levels of aroma. 
  • The machine has energy-saving technology, so you won’t have to worry about wasting energy as you enjoy your espresso. 
  • An intelligent preheating system makes sure that your espresso is enjoyed properly from the very first cup.


  • This is a no-frills machine, so if you are looking for something with milk capabilities or programmable customization, this machine isn’t going to take you very far.

Jura ENA Micro 1 Hot Features:

  • Weight: 19.4 lb
  • Width: 9.1 inches
  • Height: 12.7 inches
  • Depth: 17.5 inches
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 oz.
  • Coffee Bean Capacity: 4.4 oz.
  • Energy Save Mode
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • CLARIS Blue filter cartridges

2. Jura ENA Micro 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

The ENA Micro 5 is the next level of technology in the ENA Micro line. It is also one of the smallest machines on the list, fairly priced, and incorporates more functionality into the machine than the ENA Micro 1.

This includes the option to brew two cups of espresso at the same time, with a dual and height-adjustable spout, as well as Aroma+ technology to keep your coffee beans fresh.

Best Suited For: Like the ENA Micro 1, the ENA Micro 5 easily fits into any space and lifestyle. It is particularly good for couples or roommates who live together and have similar morning routines, as one will not have to wait for the other to brew a cup of espresso.


  • A dual spout recognizes whether you are having one, or two cups prepared and brews the corresponding amount quickly and professionally.
  • The Aroma+ preservation cover prevents your beans from drying out or losing important aromas, while the Aroma+ gently and efficiently grinds the beans.
  • Features the same dimensions as the ENA Micro 1, making this an ultra-compact option for any home or residence.
  • Grinder technology ensures that your beans are ground quietly, quickly, and in a way that yields only the finest espresso.


  • This machine still doesn’t have a lot of functionality. Especially if you live alone, there isn’t a lot of incentive to upgrade to the dual spout.

Jura ENA Micro 5 Hot Features:

  • Weight: 19.6 lb
  • Width: 9.1 inches
  • Height: 12.7 inches
  • Depth: 17.5 inches
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 oz.
  • Coffee Bean Capacity: 4.4 oz.
  • Energy Save Mode
  • Aroma+ Grinder
  • Aroma+ Preservation Cover
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • CLARIS Blue filter cartridges

3. Jura ENA Micro 90 Espresso Machine

The ENA Micro 90 is the only machine in the ENA Micro line to incorporate JURA’s P.E.P technology. That is the main draw to the machine, as much of the design and functionality (beyond the P.E.P. technology) is largely the same.

Best Suited For: The ENA Micro 9 is the best machine for your sophisticated, urban apartment, or for any office space where functionality and professionalism are valued. As with the other ENA Micromachines, it could fit in anywhere.


  • The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology makes the optimal cup of espresso, pulsing hot water through the coffee grounds at ideal levels.
  • Incorporation of the AromaG3 grinder, which is twice as fast as the Aroma+ while retaining all of the aroma and flavor of the beans.
  • Self-explanatory, simple modes of operation utilizing the Rotary Switch ensure that programming your favorite options is hassle-free.
  • Maintains the high standard of design present in the other ENA Micro line models, allowing the machine to fit into any space.


  • Programming the machine isn’t difficult, but can be cumbersome, as there is only a small plain text display paired with the otherwise incredibly functional Rotary Switch.

Jura ENA Micro 90 Hot Features:

  • Same dimensions as the ENA Micro 9
  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 oz.
  • Coffee Bean Capacity: 4.4 oz.
  • Energy Save Mode
  • P.E.P. Technology
  • AromaG3 Grinder
  • Aroma+ Preservation Cover
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • JURA Fine Foam Technology
  • CLEARYL Blue filter cartridges

4. Jura ENA 8

The ENA 8 is the top-end machine in the ENA series. It offers a substantial upgrade on the ENA Micro 90 but still offers a relatively compact profile and a small price hike for the feature enhancements.

The main feature upgrade to note is the TFT color display for toggling through drink options and making brew selections. None of the other ENA series machines include a screen for drink selection and many of the lower-end models in the other lines also don’t offer this feature.

Another change is the side-mounted water tank that extends beyond the main casing of the machine. The capacity is the same as the ENA Micro 90, but the placement is different and it’s easier to see when a refill is necessary.

The Aroma 3 grinder has also been upgraded to be twice as fast as previous models equipped with the Aroma+ grinder.

Like the ENA Micro 90, the new ENA8 also includes a milk frother and is capable of brewing both cappuccino and latte macchiatos, along with 8 other drink options.

Best Suited For: The ENA 8 is ideal for minimalists with a larger household and a more diverse coffee palette looking to enjoy milk-based drinks from home.

The relatively slim profile on the 8, despite the side, mounted water tank, still makes it ideal for countertop use. Tech fans will also enjoy the color screen which is new to this series.


  • A large color TFT display panel for drink selection.
  • The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) technology makes the optimal cup of espresso, pulsing hot water through the coffee grounds at ideal levels.
  • Addition of the Aroma G3 grinder, which is twice as fast as the Aroma+ on earlier ENA models while retaining all of the aroma and flavor of the beans.
  • A side-mounted water reservoir for easy refilling and monitoring of the water level.


  • The side-mounted water tank, while convenient, does expand the footprint of the Ena 8 so it isn’t as sleek and compact as the ENA Micros.

5. Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

A D6 model is a compromise option for those who want some simple milk foam capability but without Jura’s top tier, G3 grinder, and a single spout. It also does away with some of the other non-essential frills like cup illumination, spout height adjustability, and intelligent pre-heating. This is a larger model so the sleek and slim design of the A series is not carried through in the D6.

Best Suited For: The Jura D6 is a solid choice for home users and users with a simpler set of needs. It doesn’t have some of the ease of use and high-end options, this is a budget-minded choice for buyers who aren’t as picky about grind and range of beverages offered.


  • P.E.P. optimizes water levels and pulses the water through coffee grounds, mimicking the techniques of professional baristas for ideal extraction.
  • The Intelligent Water System protects your machine against scaling and links the CLEARYL Smart filter through radio detection technology.
  • Simple, one-touch operation for intuitive, uncomplicated beverage selection.
  • Fine foam technology for brewing up to 7 different beverages with integrated automatic cleaning.
  • Programmable hot water strength in 2 levels.


  • The D6 downgrades on spout height adjustability and grinder quality while offering a much larger footprint in your kitchen. I would skip this model and stick with the A-series.

6. Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine

The S8 is one of Jura’s newer offerings and integrates some seriously high-end improvements over the E series for a reasonable price increase. One of our favorites is the full-color touch screen with options to save and personalize favorite drink selections for multiple users.

This model integrates all of our favorite high-end features like active bean monitoring, but with a slimmer, more manageable presence than the Z series and the GIGA, making it one of our top picks.

Best Suited For: The Jura S8 is a luxury model with frills for days. This is a top-tier selection if you are ready to upgrade to a dream machine with a huge range of capabilities and options. Perfect for both home and the office.


  • P.E.P. optimizes water levels and pulses the water through coffee grounds, mimicking the techniques of professional baristas for ideal extraction.
  • Color Touch screen display with customization features for beverage preference.
  • Professional fine foam technology for brewing up to 15 different beverages with integrated automatic cleaning.
  • Active-bean monitoring.
  • Height-adjustable dual-spout for brewing two drinks simultaneously.


7. Jura Impressa J9 One Touch TFT Coffee Machine

The J9 model is very similar to the S8 but without the upgraded touchscreen display for drink browsing and selection. It also includes a monitored drip tray, dedicated hot water spout, and the integrated system for cleaning after using the milk frother, much like the S8. The dedicated spout for Americano is another nice bonus feature.

Best Suited For: The Jura J9 would be an excellent machine in a fast-paced business office or the home of a sophisticated and on-the-go coffee lover. This is the machine for superior quality, and minimal effort, with many of JURA’s technologies packed into the award-winning and aesthetically driven design.


  • The color TFT Display with button selection allows you to program and customize your coffee experience easily. The Jura J9 also allows you to save drinks you love for a faster morning brew.
  • A metallic, silver lacquer gives the machine a futuristic and eye-catching presence.
  • The Zero Energy switch allows you to save on energy, while not sacrificing time to heating.
  • Height-adjustable spout, along with other customizable options for your perfect cup of coffee, to taste.


  • As a slightly older model, this machine does not offer Smart Connect to sync to Jura’s smartphone app.

8. Jura Z6 Aluminum Automatic Coffee

The Z6 is a showcase of every JURA technology available. It features the Pulse Extraction Process and merges the combined advancements of the AromaG3 grinder, and CLEARYL Smart filter system, for perfect water, perfect coffee grounds, and P.E.P. to bring them together into the perfect beverage. I also love the ability to save and personalize favorite drinks and control over both milk and milk foam temp.

Best Suited For: If you live in a style-conscious, modern space and have more than one coffee drinker at home, then the Jura Z6 will fit right in. It is the perfect addition to any home with large kitchen space and would add a professional touch to any workplace.


  • P.E.P. for optimization of water flows through the coffee grounds, meeting professional barista standards, and ideal extraction.
  • CLEARYL Smart filters, with the radio detection technology, means that you will never have to wonder about your filter, water, or maintenance status.
  • All controls are located on the front, for accessible, simple operation.
  • Ability to save, copy, and customize favorite beverage options.
  • Surprisingly compact, with an award-winning design that boasts superior Swiss craftsmanship.
  • Includes all the top features of previous models.


  • The Z6 is just about all that you could ever ask for in a fully automatic coffee machine. The only downside would be the steep retail price, which is close to $4k.

Jura Z6 Hot Features:

  • Weight: 25.4 lbs.
  • Dimensions (inches): 12.6W x 14.8H x 17.7D
  • Water Tank Capacity: 81 oz.
  • Coffee Bean Capacity: 9.9 oz.
  • P.E.P.
  • Active Bean Monitoring
  • AromaG3 Grinder
  • TFT Color Display
  • JURA fine foam technology
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • CLEARYL Smart filter cartridges

9. Jura Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine

The GIGA 5 is the largest and most expensive machine on this list (not inclusive of Jura’s commercial machines we aren’t adding here). It is the crown jewel of the JURA home products and is essentially double everything.

With two ceramic disc grinders, two Thermoblock heating systems, two fluid systems, and two bean containers, this machine is everything you need times two. It also offers an impressive 28 drink options, with simultaneous preparation for coffee and milk frothing.

Best Suited For: You are going to need a lot of space for wherever you decide to park the GIGA 5. Best suited for larger spaces with roomy countertops and espresso lovers who enjoy entertaining or have an office to keep caffeinated, this is a beautiful high-end machine if you want the works.


  • 28 available drink types pre-programmed into the machine, with additional programmable and customizable options to suit individual preference.
  • Venti Ports to funnel heat out of the machine, which is nearly silent throughout the entire process.
  • Illumination options, and a superior design that features the iconic Swiss ingenuity and attention to aesthetics.
  • Touchscreen color display for easy access to programming and selection of specialty coffees.
  • Artificial intelligence uses a self-learning algorithm to adapt the start screen to personal preferences
  • Smart Connect included for use with the Jura app.


  • t is large and can feel intimidating to use as a beginner. This is a great machine for those comfortable with technology and wants the works. The price tag as a top-end machine is also outside most home espresso budgets.

Jura GIGA 5 Hot Features:

  • Weight: 39.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions (inches): 12.6W x 16.3H x 19.6D
  • Water Tank Capacity: 88 oz.
  • Coffee Bean Capacity: 10 oz. (x2)
  • Active Bean Monitoring
  • Ceramic Disk Grinder
  • Color Touch-Screen Display
  • JURA fine foam technology
  • Thermoblock heating system
  • Intelligent Preheating
  • Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System
  • CLEARYL Smart filter cartridges

Noteworthy Accessories and Add-Ons

Jura offers a few accessories for their machines to augment the coffee-making experience. Note that you will not have to purchase any of these accessories if you choose a machine that comes with the function of the accessory built-in.

Here’s a brief list of accessories that Jura offers:

Milk Frother: For machines that do not incorporate milk-based options, this milk frother can prepare cold, warm, or hot milk foam for different espresso-based beverages. It has a simple one-touch operation and is designed with Jura’s signature style to match any machine that you pair it with.

Cool Control Basic: These storage containers for milk come in 34 oz. and 20 oz. sizes. They are designed to keep milk stored at an optimal 39.2 °F before use, to give you the best-tasting milk foam for your specialty and espresso-based beverages.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Milk Container: These portable containers come in 20 oz. and 14 oz. sizes. They can keep your milk-based beverages cool for the entire day, preventing your latte or cappuccino from spoiling when you are away from home. 

Cup Warmer: Most of your coffee’s heat is lost when you pour it into a cold cup. Jura’s cup warmer keeps your cups at about 131 °F, which is the ideal temperature to pour espresso or cappuccino into. The warmer itself is ergonomic and slim and allows you to program the times that you would like your cups to be warmed.

Professional Fine Foam Frother: This is an add-on feature that can be used with any Jura machine with a Connector System, which some machines will have solely to add on a milk frother. By utilizing a two-stage milk frothing process, the professional fine foam frother can prepare barista-quality milk and milk foam. 

The Fine Foam Frother: This is another add-on feature that performs the same function as the professional model, and requires a Connector System to attach. It does not offer the same control as the professional model but is naturally less costly.

Just as a reminder, you won’t need to purchase any of these accessories if they come built-in on the machine that you select. 

Conclusions about Jura Coffee Machines

These machines are without a doubt some of the highest quality automatic coffee machines on the market. 

Swiss designs and engineering are extremely focused on precision, performance, and perfection in every cup. They’re serving up experience and creating an enjoyable ritual instead of just another mindless task.

While Jura may not be the best option for the first-time user, or worth the investment to someone who doesn’t often drink coffee, these machines can be the last machine that you ever buy if you take the plunge. The Jura espresso machines are built to last for as long as there are coffee beans to fill them.

Best Automatic Espresso Machine-Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

When was the last time you took a close look at the espresso machines currently available for home use? Perhaps you’ve never done so, discouraged by the wide, dizzying variety. Besides, notwithstanding certain differences, all modern-day coffee makers are the same, aren’t they?

For the most part, they all come with the same features, varying only slightly and all of them have the same essential function of making coffee?

On a basic level that’s true, but, if you’re a true espresso aficionado, and you can appreciate the subtle differences in both how your coffee is made and the end result, you should at least be aware of the different types of automatic espresso machines available and what you can expect from them.

All automatic espresso machines come equipped with grinders, pumps, sensors, and valves that together enable these modern-day coffee makers to prepare espresso with little to no help on the part of the user.

While they may have similar features, these machines aren’t all the same. They may be divided into three groups based on their degree of automation: semi-automatic, automatic, and super-automatic.

Semi-automatic espresso machines can be characterized by their ability to deliver water for brewing espresso through a built-in pump rather than manual force.

Automatic espresso machines can be characterized by their ability to control automatically with an in-line flow meter the volume of the coffee being brewed. Super-automatic espresso machines can be characterized by their ability to grind the coffee, tamp it, and extract the espresso shot automatically.

Given the variety of automatic espresso machines currently available in the market, it might be difficult for you to determine which kind would be the best machine for you. We think the standard automatic espresso machines are the best place to start.

Not only are these coffee makers more automated than semi-automatic espresso machines, enabling you to prepare espresso much easier, but they also still allow you to tamp and grind coffee manually, unlike super-automatic espresso machines, which gives you more control over the quality of the brew.

#1 Choice – Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine

With a weight of 23 lbs and dimensions of 13.2” x 12.5” x 15.8,” the Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine is a great average size. It isn’t overlarge and won’t dominate your kitchen countertop so it’s really great for home use, but it is built to last and the quality of materials is in part evident in the slightly heavier weight.

The Breville Barista Express Coffee Machine comes equipped with several of our favorite features that ensure it will make you a top-notch brew.

Most notably, the Barista Express includes an integrated conical burr grinder with stainless-steel conical burrs, which enables the coffee machine to fully extract flavor from every coffee granule;

A pressure gauge that monitors the pressure generated during flavor extraction; a Thermocoil heating system, which controls the temperature of the water with extreme precision; a 54 mm stainless-steel portafilter with commercial-style spouts; and an auto-purge function, which after steaming automatically adjusts the water temperature to the optimal temperature for full flavor extraction and enjoyment.

The rest of the coffee machines features are: a half-pound bean hopper with a locking system, which enables you to remove, transfer, and store coffee beans easily; a filter size button, which indicates whether you’re using a single or double-wall filter basket, enabling the grinder to dispense the appropriate amount of ground coffee beans for each filter type;

A hands-free grinding cradle, which pushes the portafilter into the cradle, signaling the coffee machine to dispense freshly ground coffee beans into the filter by itself, making preparing espresso using the coffee machine even easier; and a water tank and drip tray, both of which are removable, making cleaning the machine a cinch.

The only complaints that customers have aired about the coffee machine are the occasions where it wasn’t able to generate the needed pressure-volume and that where it left a mess after a brewing session.

Customers have also pointed out that the coffee maker’s water tank is placed in an awkward position, making detaching and re-attaching it a hassle.

All of these are fairly minor issues, but we like to share everything we possibly can about the products we recommend so you can be confident you will love your purchase.

The Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine, however, received a stellar rating of 4 and a half stars out of 5 on Amazon. Given the price, this is totally worth it and does well among the other espresso machines under $1000 and has also been a fan favorite.

A great place to buy is on Amazon and here is why:

  1. All the reviews are like having hundreds of really good friends give you their personal experience with the espresso machine, then taking all of that personal experience and giving it a star rating. You’re buying quality when there are hundreds of fans of the machine.
  2. A friendly UPS driver will deliver it right to your door. No waiting in line, no hauling it in your car. No sore muscles or achy back the next day.
  3. Amazon has the best price 99% of the time. Amazon constantly watches competitor pricing and makes sure you get the best deal. They do a ton of business and take advantage of economies of scale, which means you get the savings!
  4. FREE shipping. Enough said.
  5. Returns are easy. Amazon recently shipped a car, and they ship a ton of large items, all day, every day. If they can ship a car, rest assured, you will get your espresso machine in perfect condition. BUT if for any reason it comes damaged, it is super easy to return. Just print out a UPS label, slap it on the box and a friendly UPS driver will pick it up, free of charge. This is way easier than waiting in a return line at Williams & Sonoma talking with a snooty sales clerk.
  • 15 Bar Italian Pump and 1600W Thermo coil heating system
  • Purge Function: Automatically adjusts water temperature after steam for optimal espresso extraction temperature
  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder with 1/2 lb. sealed bean hopper
  • 67 fl.oz (2L) removable water tank with handle
  • The newer model of the Breville BES860XL Barista Express

#2 Choice – DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker Stainless

Weighing in at 14 lbs and 11” x 9.1” x 11.6” in size, the Delonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker is similar in weight and size to most of the other espresso machines currently being sold commercially, assuring you that the espresso maker would fit cozily on your kitchen countertop, island, or coffee bar.

If you hate waiting for your espresso int he morning and need an immediate fix, you’ll love the DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker’s self-priming operation, which enables the machine to brew coffee faster than most of the other espresso machines currently being sold commercially.

If you’re worried that your cup of espresso might get cold if you let it sit while you, say, switch the laundry, or prepare some bacon for breakfast, you need not be, because the espresso machine comes with a cup-warming tray, which will keep your cup of espresso warm, even if you let it sit for several minutes.

Espresso connoisseurs with even the pickiest temperature preferences will love the DeLonghi’s 2 separate thermostats, which enable you to control water pressure and steam pressure separately, giving you more control over how the espresso maker brews coffee and allowing you to customize your beverage to your specific tastes.

The rest of this espresso maker’s features include De’Longhi’s patented dual function holder, which not only lets you use both pods and ground coffee beans but also makes brewing quick and hassle-free; the Sempre Crema filter, which enables you to make delicious crema every time;

an ESE filter, which also helps make brewing quick and hassle-free; durable, high-quality, stainless-steel boiler with 15-bar pump pressure; De’Longhi’s patented cappuccino system frother, which enables you to make rich, creamy milk froth for cappuccinos; and a 44 oz removable water tank and anti-drip design, both of which make cleaning the espresso machine quick and easy.

Despite the espresso maker’s wide array of features, some customers have noted a few drawbacks. One customer found that the espresso maker’s steaming wand didn’t function as well as expected while another customer felt that the espresso maker was a bit complicated to use at first.

Nevertheless, the DeLonghi EC702 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Maker Stainless received a strong rating of 3 and a half stars out of 5 on Amazon, really great for a $200 budget.

  • Patented dual-function filter holder
  • Sempre Crema filter; E.S.E. (easy serving espresso) filter
  • Patented cappuccino system frother
  • 44-ounce (1.3-liter) removable water tank
  • Anti-drip design; On/off switch with indicator light

#3 Choice – Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker

Coming in at a petite 9 lbs and 11.4” x 13.7” x 13” in size, the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker is another modern-day coffee maker that will fit snugly in any small space and is a great choice for apartment-dwellers or for kitchens with limited counter space.

If you pride yourself on only drinking the best when it comes to espresso, rest assured that the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker comes equipped with several great features to provide you with the best possible brewing experience. One of our favorite features is a built-in, powerful milk frother, which gives you control over how the froth turns out.

Another feature we love is the thermal block heater, which enables the coffee maker to prepare coffee quicker than most of the other coffee makers currently being sold commercially by heating up quickly. Last but not least is a 15-bar pressure pump, which enables the coffee maker itself to provide you with a strong, flavorful brew.

Mr. Coffee is also exceptionally easy to clean and all the relevant parts are easy to maneuver and unattached when necessary.

While most customers have found this machine to be well-made and a joy to use, one consumer did complain of their machine leaking, though this does not seem to be a common occurrence.

Overall, the Mr. Coffee ECMP50 Espresso/Cappuccino Maker received a solid rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, making this the most affordable machine on the list and truly a great investment of not more than $100.

  • Thermal block heating system
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Powerful milk frother
  • Removable drip tray
  • Lighting on/off switch

The Best Dual Coffee Maker of 2021

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best 2-way coffee maker is, then we recommend the Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center as our top choice.

Dual coffee makers are an absolute godsend for those of us who need to switch between single-serving and carafe brewing throughout the day.

In this in-depth buying guide I’ll help you pick the best machine for your own circumstances.

I’ve started with a general buying guide to help you understand the options. After that I’ve taken a deeper dive into some of the most popular options you might like to consider.

(If you want to explore more of my coffee content, take a look at the home brewing guide I have on the site!)

Buying Guide

Before we look at some of the most popular makers of this type, here are some important things to think about when reviewing them yourself.

Should you buy a glass or a thermal carafe?

This is one of the most important questions you’ll need to think about before buying your coffee maker.

You can expect a thermal carafe to keep your coffee warm for a few hours at a drinkable temperature. The nature of their internal design means they tend to hold less coffee though.

The alternative is to choose a glass carafe. These commonly have a greater capacity, but they’re designed to remain heated on a warming plate for a longer period of time.

That means the coffee continues to brew at a low temperature, which will affect the taste the longer it’s left on the plate.

Do you want to use K-Cups?

Some dual coffee makers allow to use K-Cups alongside pre-ground coffee.

These coffee pods provide you with hundreds of different flavors to try out, but the cost of them does add up over time. By their very nature they’re not great for the environment either.

Still, if you know you’re going to want to sample them from time to time, it’s worth looking for a machine that at least provides this flexibility.

To grind, or not to grind?

None of the most popular dual coffee makers include a built-in grinder.

If you’re determined to have your coffee as fresh as it can possibly be, you’ll need to invest in a dedicated grinder.

I would recommend choosing a burr over a blade grinder if you go down this route. You’ll get much more consistent coffee grinds as a result.

The size of the water reservoir

Another factor to consider is the size of the water reservoir. You’ll need to work out how much coffee you’re drinking in a day, and get a water tank to match consumption.

In all cases, make sure it detaches from the machine easily enough so you can take it out for a quick refill.

Can you program it?

If you want to set up your first brew before you go to bed, look for a machine that has this kind of functionality.

Many of the most popular appliances let you program the machine up to 24 hours in advance.

I’m also a big fan of coffee makers that have an auto shut-off feature. That’ll save on your power bills whenever it’s not actually in use, and it’s better for the environment as well.

Do you want to interrupt the brew?

Even if you’re preparing an entire carafe’s worth of coffee for the whole household, you might want to sneak a quick cup in before the process has finished.

If that’s the case, it’s useful to choose a machine that has some kind of “pause brew” function built in.

This will let you pull the carafe out of the machine temporarily and pour a quick cup. The machine will automatically detect you’ve done this, and avoid brewing coffee onto your countertop!

A long warranty means a long life

Machine warranties vary hugely between different manufacturers. It’s quite easy to find coffee makers that have a three year warranty though.

This is always a good sign that the manufacturer’s produced a high-quality appliance. They don’t want to handle any more returns than they have to, after all.

Personally I’m trying to reduce the number of appliances I get through as much as I can, but of course we all have to work within our own budgets.

How big is too big?

Coffee maker design has come a long way in recent years, and many of these machines look very stylish.

How much space do you really want it to take up in your kitchen or office though?

Work out where you’re likely to situate the machine. After that, allow a bit of extra space around the official dimensions to make it easy to get at the various components.

Do you want to tweak the brewing strength?

Certain dual coffee makers feature extra settings that let you choose from a milder or a stronger brew.

This is useful if members of your household have very different tastes. You yourself might want a zingier start to your day, but calm things down a little as the day wears on.

It’s always good to have these extra options.

Dual (2 Way) Coffee Maker Reviews

Those are some of the most important things to consider when shopping around for a two way coffee maker.

In the next section I’m going to take a closer look at some of the most popular options with this category.

1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach’s dual brew coffee maker offers a few different brewing options.

You can make a single cup using either ground coffee or with Keruig K-Cups. Those coffee pods are handy when you want a decent cup of coffee delivered very quickly.

If you’re using grounds you can expect around a three minute wait for the brew to complete. That’s not too bad in the grand scheme of things.

If you’re looking for faster than that, you’ll need a machine that heats the water continuously. That of course means higher power bills.

Alternatively you have the option of brewing pre-ground coffee into a 10-cup carafe. That’ll do for when everyone in the house needs a decent cup of coffee, or when you have guests visiting.

You can actually grab a cup from a half-finished brew as well. The machine will automatically pause if you remove the carafe from the main machine housing.

The FlexBrew has a programmable timer as well, so you can set up your first brew of the day the night before. It also has an auto-shut off feature built in, so you don’t have to worry about the machine heating away in the background unattended.

If you want your next coffee to be a little stronger than usual, you can also choose a Bold brew setting, which will give the drink a little more punch.

There are actually a few different versions of the Hamilton Flex Brew coffee maker on the market.

For a start, you can choose whether to opt for a glass or a thermal carafe.

The third and final edition comes with a glass carafe and a permanent filter, which will save you a little bit of cash in the long run.

Dimensions: 13.6 x 14.5 x 15.1 inches


  • The coffee brewed is very hot (possible too hot for some though).
  • Separate water reservoirs for K-Cup and ground coffee brewing.
  • Accommodates travel mugs well.
  • Produces better K-Cup coffee than many Keurig machines!
  • Very easy to see how much water is left in the reservoirs.


  • Quite a large footprint, so check the amount of space you have carefully before buying.
  • K-Cup brewing can create a few drips once the process has finished.
  • Button labels are reported to fade and wipe away quite quickly.
  • You need to add the right amount of water for each K-Cup brew.
  • Some owners report the warming plate for the glass carafe isn’t very effective.

2. Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center

Cuisinart’s SS-20 double coffee maker produces single coffee servings in either 6, 8 or 10 oz sizes. That gives you a little bit of flexibility in both the size and strength of your brews.

This is another dual coffee maker with K-Cup support, so you can get a super-fast cup of coffee inside you whenever you’re in a rush.

Additionally, Cuisinart actually includes a separate filter out of the box. This lets you continue using pre-ground coffee for smaller servings. That’s nice if you’ve got some favorite blends you want to continue using.

As for programming options, you can set a carafe’s worth of coffee up the night before, which is great for a thirsty household! There’s also a Bold brew setting which will create a stronger brew when you need it.

The SS-20 will also perform a self-cleaning cycle periodically, which will help keep it in good working order for longer. With a young family I don’t have a lot of time to spend on these things, but I like my appliances to last a long time.

There are two editions of the Cuisinart SS-20 to choose from.

The first features a thermal carafe designed for brewing 10 cups of coffee. The second, glass edition is designed to hold around 12 cups.

Dimensions: 10.75 x 10.8 x 14.5 inches


  • Glass carafe warming plate temperature can be adjusted.
  • A very durable machine with a lot of happy long-term owners.
  • Packs a lot of functionality into a machine that’s very simple to use.
  • Brushed stainless steel construction means the machine looks great and lasts a long time.
  • Pretty quick coffee brewing.


  • When you’re not using a taller mug, the K-Cup dispenser can splash a little.
  • A few fiddly elements, such as lining up the single-serve basket.
  • Water reservoir opening is quite small when it comes to refilling.
  • The LED display is extremely bright – enough to illuminate a room!

3. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (CP307)

Ninja’s Hot and Cold Brew System has just the one compartment for delivering both types of brews. It’s still quite a bulky machine compared to some of the others.

I recommend checking the dimension specs at the bottom of this section carefully before settling on this one.

As the name suggests, this machine is also capable of producing a kind of rough take on cold brew coffee.

Over the space of around 15 minutes it’ll brew the coffee over ice to create a smoother drink. It won’t beat the quality of the usual overnight process, but it’s a nice option to have.

The machine’s also great at making tea, which is useful if you have different tastes in your household. I personally can’t stomach the taste of it, but my wife’s a big fan so it puts two very different functions into one machine.

You get quite a few more brewing options with the Ninja machine as well, including a milk frother for very basic foaming.

There are five brew settings in total: Classic, Rich, Over Ice, Cold Brew or Specialty. This latter setting is designed to create a richer-tasting drink that you might want to add a little foamed milk to, for example.

There are six brew sizes as well, letting you fill the thermal carafe fully or partially, a travel mug, or just the one cup. It’s pretty flexible in this regard, and is good for those of you who need a lot of versatility all round.

Dimensions: 11.81 x 10.01 x 15 inches


  • A huge amount of flexibility when it comes to coffee drink options.
  • Milk frother lets you create very basic foams for drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.
  • Makes a pretty mean cup of tea along with the coffee.
  • A quiet machine, which makes it ideal for small office spaces.


  • Works best with distilled water, and never well-water in particular.
  • No K-Cup compatibility at all.
  • Some owners have reported poor performance from the thermal carafe.
  • If you’re likely to drink a lot of cold brew coffee, the machine doesn’t quite deliver on quality.

4. Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

The second Cuisinart machine to feature in our pick of the best dual coffee makers is the tried and tested CHW-12. It’s a particularly good option for those of you working to a stricter budget.

The machine is available with either a 10-cup thermal carafe or a 12-cup glass carafe. There’s also a nice red edition which will be great if you’ve got a colorful kitchen and want your appliances to add a finishing touch.

This a comparatively simple machine but it gets the job done well enough.

Handily, if you go for the glass carafe option, the warming plate has a number of temperature settings to choose from.

That will help you minimize the effects of stewing the coffee too long. Just make sure you pick the right setting to fit the consumption time you expect.

As for programming the machine you can set it up in advance, and it’ll also shut down automatically after a period of inactivity. Like the SS-20 it’ll also perform a self-cleaning cycle to keep itself in good working order.

Unlike the Ninja machine there are no dedicated tea-brewing options, but you do get access to a hot water dispenser. A separate lever is included for this, and it’s an easy enough method for making things like tea or hot chocolate.

Dimensions: 10.25 x 9.5 x 14.3 inches


  • Brews hot coffee at just the right temperature – around 180-185F.
  • Hot water dispenser is easy to use and gets heated up quickly.
  • 12 cup carafe is a generous size and really does make that many cups!
  • Pour spout is well designed and makes no mess.
  • Reusable filter is a nice inclusion out of the box, and will save a little cash.


  • Rather a loud machine compared to the others in this round-up.
  • Some owners have reported issues with leaking over time.
  • It’s not impossible that coffee elements can make their way into the hot water dispenser.
  • Water reservoir can be a little tricky to fill.
  • Warming plate has been known to rust over time.

5. De’Longhi BCO430 Combination Brewer

Finally, we have the De’Longhi BCO430. This one’s designed for those of you who want a somewhat more authentic not to mention manual espresso experience.

There’s a dedicated 15-bar pump for making that. Fill the portafilter, tamp it down and then insert into one side of the machine to make a single-cup specialty drink.

There’s even a manual frothing wand for preparing the milk for your lattes and cappuccinos!

To make a carafe’s worth of coffee you simply add your grounds to the other side of the machine and then let the machine do the hard work. The BCO430 comes with a glass carafe that holds around 10 cups of coffee.

A 24 hour digital timer is built into the machine. There’s also an optional auto-off setting if you want to stop it from draining power while it’s not in active use.

If you want to grab a quick cup halfway through, the BCO430 will also automatically pause the brew so you don’t end up making a mess.

I think in all honesty this one tries to do a little too much at once, without doing any one thing spectacularly well. Still, it’s a very different machine to the others I’ve included in this round-up and so it’s worth taking a look at.

Dimensions: 14.5 x 11 x 12.8 inches


  • A proper espresso machine!
  • Milk steamer allows you to create the foam texture you want.
  • A great looking, sleekly designed two way coffee maker.
  • Lattes from this machine are decent.


  • You can’t just fire and forget with this one. You’ll need to go more hands-on.
  • Many feel the espresso produced is too weak to justify the extra effort.
  • Another machine with labels that wear off rather quickly.
  • Some owners have reported leaks occurring quite early on in the machine’s life.
  • Espresso and milk options take some time to heat up.


All these machines have their situational strengths and weaknesses. My personal top pick though is the Cuisinart SS-20.

It pretty much ticks all the boxes I want for a machine of this type. It has the most serving sizes of the machines I’ve looked at, and the self-clean cycle is great for longevity. You also have the option to tweak the brew strength as you see fit.

It’s just a very flexible coffee maker that does everything you want it to very well. Top that off with a 3 year warranty and you’ve a machine that will likely provide you with many years of great service.

How to Choose the Best Sleeping Bag for Kids

When people think about taking kids camping, their biggest concern is almost always how are people going to sleep, and with good reason, it’s hard for kids to do change sometimes…and even more so when they’re suddenly in a sleeping bag instead of a bed. Because of this we did some extensive testing and rounded up the best sleeping bags for kids.

Best Sleeping Bags for Kids – WHY?

Not sure WHY kid-specific sleeping bags are worth it?

Kids grow. Fast. Many parents will argue that paying full-price for equipment that kids are going to outgrow in one season (or less) is simply a waste of money. I get it. There is a lot of gear out there built specifically for kids that just aren’t necessary. Modifications of adult equipment can be made, cheaper stuff can be purchased and no one is worse for the wear.

Before having my own children, I was absolutely convinced that sleeping bags for kids were a “luxury item”. Something that was cute, weighed a little less, but really served no good purpose. 

After getting my facts straight, seeing how my kids manage camping and doing a bunch of research, I would make the claim that sleeping bags for kids are the KEY to keeping kids warm while camping.

The science behind it is actually pretty simple: A smaller sleeping bag means less space that a child’s body has to heat up to keep them warm.

You’ll notice that our focus here is on more serious camping. These aren’t go-on-a-sleepover bags that you would use indoors. They’re not meant to be cutesy, but rather keep your kids warm and happy while camping.

Temperature Ratings

As a parent, it is important to note that sleeping bags for kids don’t always have a temperature rating.

I AM including the ratings in this post because I think they are a great way to help compare the different bags. 

However, here’s the scoop: there are a TON of factors and variables that change how warm your child will stay in a bag all HAVE to be factored in:

  • Your child’s body in general (if they run cold or hot)
  • Whether or not they are using a sleeping pad (and what kind)
  • The air temperature
  • The relative humidity
  • The wind speed
  • How many bodies they are sharing the tent with.

Obviously, it’s not very cut and dry. No matter what bag a child is sleeping in, make sure they have dressed appropriately for the weather (wool or synthetics, hat if needed, extra layers to add on if needed, socks, etc. etc.)

Backcountry Quilt Option

While most of us think of only using sleeping bags for kids while camping, there are other options. Backcountry quilts are basically down (or synthetic) quilts that are kid-size.

They are our top choice for backpacking because they are so small and light. BUT, you’ll end up spending more than other sleeping bags.

You’ll notice that both of these above (from Enlightened Equipment) can be used flat as a quilt, or the toe box can be zipped like below (perfect as you adjust for different temperatures).

How Backcountry Quilts Work

With the quilts, you are sleeping directly on your pad. This allows more warmth with less fabric/material. Remember that when you’re in a sleeping bag, the material under you is compressed and really does almost nothing for warmth (which is why sleeping pads are so essential).

Kids that are really sensitive to how things feel may not love sleeping directly on their pads, but our kids are usually just in long underwear anyway so they don’t even notice.

We have used and loved the Protege from Enlightened Equipment. It is a more budget-friendly synthetic option. We also have a Revelation Junior, which is a lot more expensive but is very warm and larger. 

Enlightened Equipment quilts are made to order, which means they take a little longer to get to you, BUT you can also decide how warm you want your quilt to be! Since we live in the mountains and nights are almost always cold, we opted for the colder settings.

Note that the Revelation can be built to a colder rating than the Protege. Our Revelation is a 10-degree quilt and the Enigma a 20-degree quilt.

The quilts come with straps so you can attach them directly to your pad to avoid rolling off and losing your warmth. They can also be cinched at the toe box and around the head.

Pros of Backcountry quilts:

  • They are very small and light for backpacking in particular
  • They allow more movement than, for example, a mummy bag
  • Some, like the ones from Enlightened Equipment, have built-in straps that keep kids on their sleeping pads <–this is HUGE!
  • They can be used for more than just sleeping

Cons of backcountry quilts:

  • They tend to be more expensive than a sleeping bag
  • You are sleeping more directly on your sleeping pad, which has no effect on warmth but is just something to get used to

Also definitely check out the review by The Kid Project. They have a great video that shows how these quilts work and how they keep kids on their sleeping pads.

Built-In Sleeve Option

Sleeping pads are key to keeping warm while camping and are important in conjunction with sleeping bags for kids. When you roll off of them (or spin or nudge or whatever your kids do), you lose a ton of warmth.

Big Agnes Sleeping Bags & the Nemo Punk bags have an integrated sleeve that keeps your bag and your pad attached. So, the only way you are going to be separated from your pad is by completely ditching the whole system.

Big Agnes Little Red and Big Agnes Wolverine 15 sleeping bags for kids

Our favorite sleeping bags for young kids are the Little Red 15 and Wolverine 15. They’re both synthetic, both have pad sleeves and both keep kids really warm. We also like the “neck pillow” to trap warm air in the bag (see the second photo below).

For most campers camping in colder temperatures, these are perfect. However, they are, obviously, heavier than carrying a down quilt + a pad (like the Enlightened Equipment ones shown above).

Big Agnes Duster Adjustable Sleeping Bag for Kids

The Big Agnes Duster is Big Agnes’ kids’ sleeping bag made to grow WITH your kids so you don’t have to get a new bag every few years. WIN!

It’s a synthetic bag, rated to 15 degrees F with lots of room to move and wiggle as needed in the shoulder area while maintaining heat thanks to the adjustable height clips. It’s slightly wider than the Little Red or Wolverine and works for kids aged ~2 – 10 in my opinion. The photos below show it in three different lengths from the shortest (with my 2-year-old on top) to longest (which is what my 9-year-old uses).

Nemo Equipment Punk

The Nemo Punk also has an integrated sleeve and is another great option for keeping kids on their pads. See more below about the bag and how it is also length-adjustable.

Small and Length-Adjustable Bags Sleeping Bags for Kids

Here are the smallest sleeping bags we know of available in the U.S.

  1. Kelty Big Dipper 30 *blue in the photo below* – Adjustable
  2. Kelty Woobie 30 *pink in photo below* – NOT adjustable, but short
  3. Big Agnes Little Red 15 *red* – NOT adjustable, but short
  4. Big Agnes Duster (see info in the above section) – adjustable
  5. Nemo Equipment Punk – integrated cinch strap to cut down on airflow

You’ll notice in the photos below that the Big Dipper 30 is the same length as the Woobie when it is zipped to it’s smaller setting. You do have the extra bulk in the Big Dipper 30 (for carrying, etc.), which is a reason to choose the Woobie over the Big Dipper.

The Big Agnes Duster and the Nemo Equipment Punk both have a pad-sleeve option AND are adjustable. You can see by this photo below that the smallest setting is about the same (notice the clips on the Duster lining up with the toggle on the Punk).

The Duster has a slightly wider girth at the top that gets smaller closer to the toe-box. See photos in section #2 to see better how the Big Agnes adjusts.

The Nemo Punk has a cinch at the bottom that can be used as the above photo, or tucked inside and then cinched like below to fill in the space slightly more for smaller kids:

At a rating of 20 degrees F and a fleece-lined hood, this bag is another excellent choice to keep kids warm and grow with them.

Sleeping Bags for Kids that Don’t Like Being Restricted

If your child really prefers to have some extra room to move throughout the night, we suggest going with a rectangular shaped sleeping bag over a mummy shape. The following below are the ones we love and recommend.

REI Kindercamp 40

The REI Kindercamp is great for the backyard and car camping for slightly warmer temperatures (opposed to some of the bags rated to 15 degrees above).

We like that REI Kindercamp 40 stuff sack is integrated into a pocket at the foot, makes packing up so much easier!

It also zips to other sleeping bags like it to make a big double or as a blanket, which we use more than we thought we would. The bottom also unzips, so you can ventilate your feet if it gets warm.

Kelty Kids’ Callisto

If you want a sleeping bag for kids that is slightly warmer and slightly lighter than the REI Kindercamp, go with the Kelty Kids’ Callisto. It is rated to 30 degrees, fits kids up to 60″ (slightly shorter than the Kindercamp which fits up to 66″).

Sleeping Bags for Babies and Sleeping Bags for Toddlers

While you can certainly put a baby in a larger sleeping bag with you, it always makes me a bit nervous. Instead, we recommend these infant and toddler sleeping bags from Morrison Outdoors (also available at REI). Note – sizing correctly is very important for safety (AKA don’t size up for your 9-month-old!)

Little Mo

Little Mo is for babies aged 6-24 months. They have two different styles for babies.

The synthetic 40 degrees Little Mo bag is for warmer weather and has handcuffs you can open up for warmer weather.

The down 20 degrees Little Mo has enclosed hand areas, perfect for really cold temperatures.

Big Mo 40° Kids Sleeping Bags

Big Mo is for kids aged 2-4 years and just keeps them warm and snug. Again, the synthetic is rated for warmer temperatures and has handcuffs that open; the down version does not.

Sooooo….which one do I want?

  • If you’re backpacking and can afford it, go with the Enlightened Equipment Backcountry Quilts
  • If your kids roll a lot, go with a Big Agnes Bag or a Nemo Punk sleeping bags for kids.
  • If you need more of a summer weight and want the sleeping bag to last longer as they grow, go with the Kelty Big Dipper, Nemo Punk, or Big Agnes Duster.
  • If your kids prefer being a little less restricted in their bags and you don’t worry about weight, go with the REI Kindercamp or Kelty Callisto.
  • Because they’re rated for colder temperates, grow with the child, AND have the pad sleeve, we choose the Big Agnes Duster or Nemo Punk for our kids.

Best Ultralight Backpacking Sleeping Pads

Sleeping pads are an essential part of your sleep system. Even with the world’s best sleeping bag, having the correct sleeping pad can make or break your sleeping experience. A sleeping pad not only adds some comfort, but it also adds insulation so your back does not freeze when you sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep on a warm and comfortable surface is crucial if you want to put in long miles every day. Sleeping pads come in a variety of styles, sizes, and weights, so you’ll want to spend some time shopping for the right one. We’ll help you navigate these options so you can find the best sleeping pad to meet your base weight goals.

Before we jump into the different considerations for choosing your mat, here are the 11 best ultralight backpacking sleeping pads available on the market today.


INFLATABLE PADS: As the name implies, inflatable pads need to be filled with air before you can sleep on them. They either will self-inflate on their own when you unroll them or you will have to blow air into them manually using good ‘ole lung power. Both require you to open a valve, fill the pad with air, and then close the valve to keep it from leaking.

There are a few important differences between manual and self-inflating pads. The self-inflating pads are easier to use just open the valve and they inflate on their own. They tend to be heavier and bulkier than their manual counterparts. 

The manual pads can be squished down to the size of a soda can, but they require a fair amount of lung power to re-inflate. Because you are using your breath to inflate them, they also can mold on the inside.

One option for inflating is a lightweight pump. I never saw anyone using a pump on my thru-hike though, and I would think they are relatively unnecessary. Some pads also now come with a stuff sack that doubles as an inflation device. These inflation sacks are better than using your breath, but it still takes some time and effort to fill the pad with air.


  • Compact. A good ultralight pad should be able to roll up and fit inside your hand. This is a huge advantage compared to foam pads – you can store an inflatable pad in a tiny corner of your pack without hardly even noticing.
  • Comfortable. The air in inflatable pads elevates you off the ground and provides a nice cushion. For side and stomach sleepers, this can be crucial. Most backpackers find sleeping on an inflatable pad to be substantially more comfortable than a foam pad.


  • Punctures. Even inflatable pads can take a decent beating. Mine has lasted several years without a puncture. You will still need to be careful about where you place your pad though. They can pop any moment from a sharp edge, a fire ember, or just heavy wear. This means you will need to repair it, wait for the manufacturer to replace it, or buy a completely new one. When you’re thru-hiking and in the middle of nowhere, the last thing you need to do is deal with a busted sleeping pad. 
  • Inflation. Some more cushy pads have large air chambers. Without a pump, your lungs will be manually filling up that large chamber. Blowing a lot of breaths (some require 20+ breaths) after a long hike can, and often will, leave you temporarily lightheaded. It also puts moisture inside the pad which can mold over time.
  • Noisy (maybe). Some inflatable pads are ‘crinkly’ right out of the package. I know a lot of hikers ship their pads back to the manufacturer because they are “too noisy”. However, just like most new gear, it only needs a Lil’ tender lovin’ to break in. After a few nights, the noise should be gone entirely. 

FOAM PADS: Foam pads typically are a rectangular piece of soft foam or padded material, similar to a yoga mat. They are often called “closed-cell pads” because they are made of closed air cells. 

They don’t compress very much when you lay on them, but you cannot blow air into the cells to expand them. These pads either roll, collapse, or fold up. Some have grooves, while others use an eggshell design to add comfort. They are very lightweight and long-lasting.


  • Fast and Easy. Just throw it down and spread your sleeping bag on top. Super convenient after an exhausting day pushing long miles.
  • Indestructible. I love relaxing on foam pads by the fire and not worrying if an ember might fly out and pop it. Same thing for rocky or jagged surfaces. No maintenance whatsoever.
  • Multi-Functional. Some ultralight backpacks are designed to have a foam pad slide into their back panel and act as a pack frame. The poles of a pack can add several ounces to your load which can make utilizing a foam pad all the more awesome.
  • Cheap. Usually less, if not a lot less, than $50.


  • Very Bulky. They often take up too much room to even fit inside your bag. Therefore, most hikers have them tied down outside of their pack – on top or flopping around underneath the bottom. This leaves them exposed to the elements most all of the time… which can be an issue when raining and your pad is not 100% waterproof.
  • Uncomfortable (maybe). Some hikers just can’t sleep on them. Despite being super bulky, the foam is usually still very thin and/ or stiff. Some people feel it’s like sleeping on, well… the floor. Others prefer stiff to sleep.


INSULATION: If winter backpacking, keep the R-Values above 3.

Other than comfort, the main purpose of a sleeping pad is to keep you warm. This is super important and something often overlooked. Specifically, your pad should prevent the cold earth from reaching your body. Most inflatable pads have an outer shell as well as a thin internal layer designed to reflect your body heat at you.

“R-Value” measures the level of insulation your pad provides. A higher R-value will keep you warmer and act as a barrier between you and the cold ground. Sleeping directly on the exposed ground will drain away from your precious body heat – like the inverse of a reptile bathing on a hot rock. Aim to keep your pad above a 3 for any level of cold winter sleeping. Anything below a 3 should only be used in warmer weather.

WEIGHT: Your pad should weigh around 1 lb (or less). 

The lighter, the better. Know some of the lightest pads on the market have low R values though. If you are winter camping, you might need to get a slightly heavier and warmer pad or subsidize with an extra warm sleeping bag. 

Thick material and overly large inflation valves are usually the biggest factors in adding unnecessary weight to your pad. Foam pads have been traditionally viewed as a lighter option than an inflatable. This is not always the case though. In general, the weight of the pad depends on the model and manufacturer. 

COMPACTNESS: When packed, it should not be bigger than a 1-liter water bottle.

Some of these can fit inside of a Nalgene bottle. The extra pack space is much appreciated, especially considering some models can take up nearly half of a pack’s volume. If you don’t like the idea of strapping your pad on the outside of your pack, I highly recommend getting a pad that packs down tiny.

LENGTH: Consider “halving it”.

An easy way to shave (quite literally) weight off your sleeping pad is by getting a smaller mat. Most ultralight backpackers get a mat that covers from their heads down to their knees electing to have their feet hang off the end or on top of the actual backpacking bag. I prefer to have my foot elevated on a cushy padded surface that resembles a bed as much as possible.

SHAPE: Consider rounding off the corners.

Rectangular or oval. The extra corners from a rectangular shape can be nice if you roll around around a lot, like to spread your arms around your head and underneath your pillow or like to spread your legs out. Otherwise, the oval shape works just dandy and can save a little weight and space.

EASE OF INFLATION: No huge air chambers.

Some pads are like small air mattresses prioritizing elevated comfort over all else. This is great if you like a huge amount of cushion. However, as mentioned above, getting that large mass of air into the pad’s chamber can be a huge lung-exhausting chore and leave you lightheaded. I vote for a medium amount of air – enough to get you off the ground, but not too much where you feel like you are rolling around on a cloud.

DURABILITY: Choosing the appropriate pad type for your terrain

Durability is critical when you are choosing a pad. Think about the conditions where you will be backpacking. Will it be hard-packed dirt or a shelter floor? 

If so, you can choose an inflatable pad and enjoy the comfort of sleeping on air. If your terrain is rocky, rooty, or filled with other sharp objects, then a closed-cell foam pad is a better choice as it can’t be punctured.

THICKNESS: More comfort means additional ounces.

Thickness is one factor that makes a pad comfortable. The thicker the pad, the more cushion it will provide from the hard ground, and the more comfortable it will be. 

Remember, a thicker pad will be slightly heavier and will require significantly more breaths to fill it with air. Find that sweet spot between weight, convenience, and comfort.

WIDTH: Must fit in your tent.

Most sleeping pads are 20-inches wide, providing just enough room for a single person. They also are sized to fit comfortably inside an ultralight two-person tent. Some pads are wider, 25-inches, but you should measure your tent to make sure they fit, especially if you are trying to squeeze in two people each night. 


  • Repair Kit. Handy if you do get a hole. Most inflatable mattresses come with one.
  • Pump Sack. If you do go for one of those big, airy pads, these can significantly help save time and lung power. Just one extra thing to carry through.
  • Inflation Valve. I prefer the one-handed valves that pop open instead of twist. Some have this button-like one-way deflation option that is super helpful when optimizing the level of desired inflation. 
  • Rails. Worst case you roll off inside your tent. I find these to be unnecessary entirely.


1. THERM-A-REST: NeoAir Uberlite

  • Weight: 8.8 oz
  • R-Value: 2.3
  • Price: $195

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite is hands down one of the best ultralight backpacking pads on the market. Simply put, this mattress has a superb warmth-to-weight ratio, which makes it the lightest 3 season air mattress available. 

The Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Uberlite is 2.5 inches thick with a tapered design to keep weight at a minimum. It packs down to the size of a 1-liter water bottle, so you won’t have any problem stuffing this one into your pack. A soft-touch outer fabric plus a baffled internal structure provides stability, support, and above all, mega comfort for a good night’s sleep.

Not only is it comfortable, but it’s warm enough for summer hiking. The Triangular Core Matrix™ construction uses two stacked layers of triangle-shaped baffles to efficiently trap radiating heat. 

A new high-flow WingLock valve and a pump sack make it easier than ever to inflate. If you are looking for a bit more warmth without adding too much weight, take a look at the lightweight Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XLite sleeping pad or the insulated Therm-a-Rest NeoAir XTherm.

2. SEA TO SUMMIT: UltraLight

  • Weight: 13.9 oz
  • R-Value: 1.0
  • Price: $110

The Sea to Summit Ultralight is surprisingly comfy and super sleek. It’s a personal favorite and my go-to mat. It has won all sorts of awards a few years ago and has become one of the best selling pads on the market. This high-quality sleeping pad comes with air-sprung cells that act like individual mini coils from a bed mattress to evenly distribute weight and mold around the curves of your body. 

This design not only provides a great night’s sleep, but it also adds durability that is often lacking in other mats. The Sea to Summit Ultralight is praised far and wide for its quality workmanship.

The Ultralight pad from Sea to Summit ships with a multi-function valve that is unparalleled. Unlike other valves that are all or none, the multi-function valve allows you to adjust the pressure even when you are on the mat. 

If the pad is a little too firm., you can easily let out a little air until you hit that comfort spot. Bonus, you don’t have to worry about any internal bacterial growth due to it being treated with an antimicrobial compound on the inside. Our only gripe is the insulation there is none. The Sea to Summit Ultralight is genuinely a warm weather sleeping pad. If you need something warmer, consider going with the insulated version.

3. LIMIT: Static V Lightweight

  • Weight: 18.7 oz
  • R-Value: 1.3
  • Price: $55

Praised as an affordable, lightweight, and inflatable mat, the Static V has become extremely popular. Sure it is a few ounces heavier than others on the list, but it is a fraction of the price. It’s also very durable with a 74D shell that protects it from most ground hazards.

It’s chambered design makes it easy to inflate, requiring only 10-15 breaths to fill it with air. 

It is very comfortable to sleep on thanks to its side rails that help keep you centered on the pad. For convenience, the Static V has an adjustable valve for easy airflow control. For its price point, it can’t be beaten. The mat also includes a stuff sack, a patch kit, and a lifetime warranty. 

Similar to the Sea to Summit Ultralight, the Static V is not great for cold weather. You’ll be warm and comfortable in the summer months. Once you hit late fall or winter, you’ll need to buy the insulated version.

4. MEMO: Switchback

  • Weight: 14.5 oz
  • R-Value: 2.0
  • Price: $50

The Z Lite Sol from Therm-A-Rest had the corner on the market until Nemo came in with a worthy competitor, the Switchback. Just like the Z Lite Sol, the Nemo Switchback is a closed-cell foam pad. Both fold compactly and have a heat-reflecting film on one side for warmth. 

Because they are foam, they are nearly indestructible. What differentiates the two sleeping pads is the depth of their egg crates. 

These bigger bumps provide additional airspace to trap warm air. They also make the Switchback thicker than the Z Lite Sol, 0.9-inches for the Nemo, and 0.75 for the Sol, which makes the Switchback more comfortable for sleeping.

The shortcomings for the Switchback are the same as the Sol. At 72-inches long, the Switchback may be too short for someone very tall. Even though it is more comfortable than the Sol, it still is not as plush as the inflatable pads. This extra comfort may not be enough for Side sleepers who often prefer the cushioning of an inflatable pad. 

Durability is top-notch as the Switchback is constructed with abrasion-resistant foam. It should last you a lifetime as long as you don’t cut it accidentally or snag it on a sharp branch. Like most foam pads, the Switchback is warm enough for three-season use, but you should pair it with an inflatable mat when the temperatures hover near or below the freezing mark.


  • Weight: 17 oz
  • R-Value: 32°F
  • Price: $120

A rectangular and super cushy inflatable sleeping pad, the Big Agnes Q-Core SLX is like sleeping on the air in the backcountry. With 4-inches of thickness, this pad gets the award for providing the most comfortable sleep. 

The I-beam channels are designed to contour your body and help you stay on the pad even when you toss and turn. If you’re a side sleeper, this should be at the top of your list. Not only is it puffy, but it also has a quilted top that’s soft on your skin. It’s as close to a warm flannel sheet as you’re going to get while sleeping in the remote woods.

Super lightweight and compact, this sleeping pad is warm enough for three-season backpacking trips. It has a reflective layer that helps keep you warm and an antimicrobial treatment to resist mold on the inside of the pad. It feels durable and should provide years of happy sleeping in the backcountry. Big Agnes also sells an insulated version for those who like to dabble with winter backpacking

Sleeping Pad Care Advice

You can make or break your pad by how you care for it on the trail and at home.


On the trail, you want to protect your pad as much as you can from punctures or tears. Store the pad inside your pack if you can. If you don’t have the extra space, then place the pad under the brain. If you store the pad inside your pack, keep it away from trekking poles or pocket knives that could damage it.

Some people strap their pads to the bottom of their pack, but that is not an ideal location. When you take off your pack, you often drop it to the ground, and your pad will take the brunt of that impact. If you store your pad at the top of the pack, be careful not to snag it on a tree branch or scrape it against a rock.

When you use your sleeping pad, try to set it up where there are no rocks or roots. When choosing a campsite look for ground that is as flat and smooth as possible. You’ll also want to shake off the pad to remove dirt before packing it away. Be sure to wipe it down if you spill something on it. 


Clean the surface of your pad to remove dirt, insect repellent, sap, and other materials that can damage the material. Make sure the pad is dry but don’t place it in direct sunlight as UV light can degrade the material. You also should try to dry the inside of an inflatable pad if you use your breath to fill it with air. Just grab a hairdryer on low and hold it near the inflate valve.

Once your pad is clean and ready for storage, you’ll want to store the pad at ambient temperatures while avoiding the extreme temperatures you’d see in an attic or garage. The inflatable pad should be stored hanging up. 

If you must compact it, stuff it into a sack and do not fold it. Repeatedly folding it along the same crease lines can weaken the material along the folds. Closed-cell foam pads can be folded and stored in a closet or under your bed. A self-inflating foam pad should be left semi-inflated with the valve open for air circulation.

Best Portable Tire Inflators Reviews 2020

Tire inflators are pumps that use compressed air to inflate truck and car tires. The compressed air enables you to do the job quickly and efficiently.

The best portable tire inflators can fit into the trunk or cargo area of your vehicle so you’ll have easy access to it during a roadside emergency. If you’re looking for the best portable tire inflator on the market, check out our reviews below.

Benefits of Portable Tire Inflators

  • Fill your tires quickly. The fastest and easiest way to put air into your vehicle’s tires is by using a portable car tire inflator. It takes just a few minutes, and you don’t have to go anywhere.
  • Avoid the gas station. Instead of driving across town, fill your tire at home or on the road. You know it will work versus some gas stations that have pumps that are out of service and cost a little bit of money.
  • Avoid the dealership. All new cars feature a tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) that informs you if your air pressure is low. Instead of driving to the dealership for a fix, pump the tire with air yourself.
  • Make your tires last longer. Overinflated or underinflated tires can cause a number of problems. They may wear quickly, or worse, burst. To get the most life out of your tires, check every so often to make sure they are properly inflated, particularly if your vehicle does not have a TPMS.

Types of Portable Tire Inflators

12-Volt Plug

The best portable car tire inflators and best portable truck tire inflators can be used while you’re on the road. During an emergency, you can supply some models with power by plugging them into the cigarette lighter socket/12-volt power source in your vehicle. This is particularly useful if your car or truck has 12-volt DC outlets in more than one place. 


The best cordless inflator is typically powered by a lithium-ion battery. They are generally easy to use and are very portable. These inflators are handheld and provide a good amount of power. It’s critical that you keep the battery charged or else you may get stuck with a flat tire.

Direct Power

These tire inflators clamp-on directly to the battery for maximum power so you don’t have to have the vehicle running. However, a tire pump can suck the charge out of a stand-alone battery in about 20 minutes.

Top Brands


The US-based Kensun, Inc. was established in 2009. While their most popular products are aftermarket vehicle headlights such as HID and Xenon bulbs, the company also produces inflators for tires, such as the Kensun Tire Inflator AC/DC Portable Air Compressor Pump.

VIAIR Corporation

VIAIR Corporation, based in Irvine, Calif., was founded in 1998 and produces fractional horsepower DC oil-less air compressors and air accessories for on-road, off-road, and industrial markets. One of its high-end tire inflators is the Viair 40047 400P-RV Automatic Portable Compressor Kit.


Helteko is a new company that was founded in 2017 by S.G. Royals. It makes consumer products for cars, including vacuum cleaners, car seat protectors, and digital air compressors. One popular product is the Helteko Portable Air Compressor Pump 150PSI 12V Digital Tire Inflator.

JACO Superior Products

JACO is an automotive accessory company that began as a two-person enterprise in 1983. The original warehouse and office remains in Crystal Lake, Ill., where the company also does quality testing. They have another quality testing plant in Evergreen, Colo. One of its top products is the JACO FlowPro Tire Inflator with Pressure Gauge.

Portable Tire Inflator Pricing

  • $30-$40: There are many high-quality, small, and portable tire inflators in this price range, particularly if they are on sale. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find one that successfully inflates tires on passenger cars and SUVs.
  • $40-$100: Portable tire inflators in this price range typically have more features and may work faster than their less expensive counterparts.
  • Over $100:Tire inflators in this price range are generally more heavy duty and can be used on vehicles such as RVs and trailers.

Key Features

Digital Gauges

The best digital tire inflatorswill display the inflated pressure on the gauges. Some newer models will show this information on an LCD screen, while the more traditional products will display the pressure with dial and needle gauges. A digital display will give you readings that are a bit more precise. Another added benefit is you will be able to read it in low light if the screen is backlit.

Automatic Shutoff

The auto shutoff feature enables you to set the desired PSI, and the car tire inflator will run until it reaches the desired pressure. This is a practical feature because the tire inflator will not over inflate the tire. You can walk away from the device as it does its job and not worry about the tire bursting.

Other Considerations

  • Inflation Speed: Generally, you’ll want to fill your tire with air as quickly as you can. Heavy-duty models that connect to a battery’s terminals typically inflate tires much faster than models that are plugged into a 12-volt outlet. It can take as little as two to three minutes for heavy-duty models to do the job versus four to 10 minutes for plug-in models.
  • Extra Nozzle Attachments: The best tire air pump can serve multiple purposes. A model that comes with several attachments will be very useful at home and on the road. They can be used to pump air into bicycle tires and sports equipment as well as car tires. The added functionality is a big bonus.
  • Portability: The best handheld air compressor for tires is typically lightweight. They generally weigh between two and six pounds, and some smaller ones weigh less than one pound. Some models have handles, while others don’t. Weight and carrying capacity are two things to consider, especially if you’re leaving the device in your vehicle.
  • Hose and Cord Length: The longer the cord and air hose are, the easier it will be for you to reach all four tires on your vehicle. Thebest tire inflator will usually have a hose that is 18 to 26 inches long and a power cord that is at least eight feet long.
  • Cord Storage: If you like to keep your tools organized, this is a key option. Some models have a storage cavity that allows you to coil up the cord into a small compartment. Others do not offer this feature or have tiny cavities that make it challenging to contain the hose and cord.
  • Built-in Lights: This option is particularly beneficial if you carry a portable air compressor with you when you’re on the road. If it’s dark outside, a tire inflator with a built-in flashlight can make your job a lot easier. Not only will it illuminate the tire you are inflating, but it will also alert passing motorists that you’re stranded.
  • Noise: Portable inflators are notoriously loud, depending on their size and purpose. When you’re leaning on the ground to fill a tire while an air pump is rumbling next to you, it can be distracting and irritating if it’s exceptionally loud. Be sure to select a product that won’t bother your ears too much.
  • Duty Cycle:This is the amount of time the inflator needs to cool down before you can use it again. Inflators with short duty cycles are preferable because they don’t require as much time to cool off. Tire inflators that have a 50-percent duty cycle don’t require a cooling down period.

Best Portable Tire Inflator Reviews

Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor – Best Overall

This portable air inflator comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB plug for charging. It also comes with a cigarette lighter plug to give you more versatility in how you use your portable inflator. It has four pressure measurement units: PSI, KPA, BAR, and KG/CM2. You can look at the display screen to see the inflator’s status and battery life.

Having two options to power this inflator lets you use it for a variety of uses, including inflating your car tires. It also comes with several inflating needles. This inflator is lightweight and has a carrying bag for easy transport.

Unfortunately, the power sources aren’t reliable, and either the car’s auxiliary power plug or the recharging function could stop working. This will limit the inflator’s functionality. Over time, the battery will begin to struggle to hold a charge. The air pumping power of this inflator isn’t very strong.

Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless Power Inflator for Tires – Best Value

The Ryobi tire inflator is cordless and runs on an 18-volt lithium ion battery (which is not included). It is one of the top handheld air compressors for tires because it’s small and features an ergonomic pistol grip handle, making it easy to use and store. It features two high-pressure nozzles, a sports equipment needle, and an onboard pressure gauge.

If you already possess Ryobi batteries from other tools, this device is a great value. The inflator is lightweight, very portable, and requires little storage space. The battery charge lasts long enough to inflate several tires in one sitting. It also lets you see the pressure as you work.

This tools is not a high-flow device, so it will take more time than a more powerful compressor to inflate a tire that has lost a lot of pressure. The inflator takes about 30 seconds to raise a passenger car tire 5 PSI. Another issue is that the trigger does not have a lock, and it’s easy to actuate the pump when carrying it. 

Fortem Digital Tire Inflator – Honorable Mention

The Fortem Digital Tire Inflator is easy to use, versatile, and very handy to have on hand in your car’s emergency kit. This portable tire inflator plugs into your car’s outlet, includes a hose that easily attaches to the unit, and allows you to choose the PSI and fill your tire with one button. 

It’s compact and lightweight, and it features a large digital display gauge that makes it easy to see PSI readings. It’s compatible with all vehicles that have a 12-volt power output, and it comes in a carrying case, so you can easily store this tire inflator inside your vehicle in case you need it. 

There’s even an LED flashlight built into the device to help you see in dark settings. The tire inflator also includes additional attachments and nozzles, so you can use it on other items, like sports equipment, air mattresses, and pool inflatables.

Portable Air Compressor Electric Tire Pump

You can use this portable air compressor in your home with the 110V wall plug or in your car with the 12V plug. This air compressor also comes with a set of accessory nozzles so you can use it for a wide variety of inflating tasks.

There is a large and easy-to-read analog tire gauge to monitor the tire pressure. You can achieve a maximum of 120 PSI or 30 minutes of continuous run time at 35 PSI. 

The dual power plugs give you more freedom when it comes to where you can use the air compressor. Plus, at just over four pounds, you can easily carry this compressor to the places where you need it. The carrying case also makes it easy to keep everything together. 

Unfortunately, the power cords aren’t very long. This can be frustrating as you need to get the tire close enough for the compressor to reach it. The unit may also be missing the 12V plug for the car, which significantly limits its portability.

Karvex Digital Portable Air Compressor Pump

This compact air compressor combines high-quality materials, reliable performance, and innovative technology. The unit weighs just under 2.5 pounds and features a futuristic design. The top of the tool has a large LCD digital display and LED lights to tell you the status of the compressor. 

This compressor may be small, but it’s powerful. It can inflate a mid-size car tire in three to five minutes. It has a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. There is also an auto shut-off function that engages when the tire reaches the desired pressure. The carrying case and detailed instructions make using this compressor an easy task. 

Unfortunately, you may find that this unit doesn’t live up to the manufacturer’s claims. While it does well with inflating smaller things like bicycle tires and pool toys, it may struggle with a full-sized truck tire. It also lacks some adapters and accessories that other compressors have. 

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2475-20P M12 Compact Inflator

At four pounds, you can easily carry this portable compressor to the spot where you need it. It’s also battery powered, so there’s no need to find a power source.

The compressor comes with an air hose. On the face of the unit is a digital display screen and several buttons for operation. It will fill a car tire to between 28 and 35 PSI in under one minute. If you need 30 to 45 PSI, then it’ll take under four minutes. 

Since this compressor is battery powered it’s useful for most inflation jobs. It’s compact size also makes it easy to carry. The display is large, which makes it simple to read the pressure and work the buttons. There are several safety features, including protection from overfilling and over temperature. 

Unfortunately, this compressor doesn’t come with a battery charger, so you need to buy one separately. What’s worse is it doesn’t come with the battery, so you need to buy one of those too. It’s also not as compact as other portable compressors.

Stark Digital Tire Inflator 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump

This compressor is lightweight and weighs just two pounds. It has a 12V plug as its power source. There is an illuminated digital display, so you can use this compressor in all types of weather conditions and any time of day. It can inflate a car tire to 30 PSI in about three minutes. 

This compressor comes with extra adapters and fuses. This gives you more functionality, and gives the compressor a longer lifespan. With the right adapter, the automatic shutoff feature will give you the control and finesse to inflate everything from a car tire to a beach ball. 

While the additional adapters are useful, the compressor doesn’t come with a carrying case or bag, so you could easily lose these pieces. This compressor only has a 12V cigarette lighter plug, so if you don’t have access to this type of plug, you can’t use the device. It also has a maximum PSI of 100, which is lower than many other portable compressors.

Teromas Tire Inflator Air Compressor

If you’re searching for an efficient and effective portable tire inflator, the Teromas Tire Inflator is a great choice. This versatile device works with AC/DC 12-volt car outlets as well as 110 or 120-volt traditional outlets, which means you can use it to inflate tires and for other purposes at home. 

It includes three adapters to suit both tires and other inflatable products. When plugged in, this portable tire inflator delivers up to 150 PSI to inflate car tires in under four minutes. It comes in a compact carrying bag, and you can keep it inside your car without sacrificing too much space. 

With an auto-off function and the ability to preset your desired pressure, this portable tire inflator can shut itself off once your tire is properly inflated. Thanks to the bright digital LCD display with LED lights, you can see the readings and gauge in all settings. 

VacLife Air Compressor Tire Inflator

The VacLife Tire Inflator is an affordable, easy to carry portable tire inflator, and it’s great to have on hand in case of a flat. This air compressor/tire inflator works quickly, and it can inflate a car tire in just seconds. It plugs into the 12-volt outlet in your car, and with the flip of a switch, this small device will get the job done. 

There are four nozzles, so you can achieve the right fit for your car tires. It includes an auto shut-off feature, which automatically turns the device off once your tire is at the desired pressure level. This prevents issues like over-inflation and low tire pressure. 

And when you’re using this tire inflator on the go, you’ll appreicated the LED light that provides brightness at night and the 13-foot power cable that makes it easy to move around your vehicle. 


  • Even the best portable tire inflator should be stored properly and kept in a dry environment. Since it is an electrical device, moisture can damage it. You’ll want to keep it as rust-free as possible.
  • Carefully watch the gauges as you fill your tire. Unless the machine has an automatic shutoff feature, it’s up to you to make sure to turn it off after it reaches the desired PSI.
  • Do not underinflate your tire. This may lead to dry rot on the rubber on the sidewall of the tire. This damage will eventually lead to tire failure, which can be dangerous. 
  • Tires that are underinflated also use more energy, draining your car’s fuel faster than properly inflated tires. In addition, underinflated tires can contribute to handling issues, which may lead to an accident. 
  • Check your tire pressure about once a month. Tires lose air for several reasons, including a drop in air temperature or normal seepage. It can be a gradual loss, and you may not even realize it.
  • Typically, portable tire inflators shouldn’t be used for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time. To avoid overheating, let them cool for 10 to 30 minutes after each use.


Q: What does PSI mean? 

A: PSI stands for pounds per square inch, and it’s used to measure tire pressure. For example, 300 PSI means 300 pounds per square inch. In air compressors, a PSI gauge is the equivalent to a fuel gauge.

Q: How do I determine maximum PSI? 

A: Look at the tire’s sidewall. Tire dealerships also have charts to give you PSI information that take into account factors such as the amount of weight your car or truck is carrying.

Q: How do I check my tire’s air pressure? 

A: Remove the valve stem caps and press the tire pressure gauge into the valve stem. Check the reading on the pressure gauge to determine the tire’s air pressure. Reinstall the valve stem caps.

Q: How do I inflate my tires with a portable tire inflator?

A: Remove the valve stem caps. Push the compressor’s hose fitting onto the valve stem and check the gauge. Fill the tires to the recommended pressure (it’s best to do this when the tires are cold). Reinstall the valve stem caps.

Final Thoughts

Our pick for the best portable tire inflator is the Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor. It’s fast and efficient and includes an automatic shutoff feature. 

For something with even better value, consider the Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires.

The Best Hanging Chaise Loungers for Patio Relax

Swing lounge chair with umbrella

When it comes to outdoor swing chairs, the Hanging Chaise Lounge chair from Best Choice Products is a popular option. Everyone loves poolside lounge chairs. And everyone loves porch swings.

This model combines the best of these two worlds into one amazing seat designed for comfort and fun. What seems to be the most appreciated quality of this hanging chaise lounger with canopy is the attention to detail as far as comfort features are concerned.

Before we go into details about these, below are a few others of the chair’s models, key features, and practical specifications.

Key features and specifications:

  • Durable powder-coated metal frame.
  • Can only accommodate one person at a time.
  • It has a 256 maximum weight capacity.
  • It features a detachable canopy shade to protect the user from harsh weather.
  • It is available in multiple colors including green, blue, and orange for aesthetic variety.
  • The cushions are PVC coated for water resistance.

Outdoor hanging lounge chairs

It’s ideal for outdoor use and comes with weather-resistant cushions and a removable umbrella canopy. Replacement cushions in various colors, made of durable spun polyester and over 2 inches thick are also available here.

Thick cushions

The cushions feature a PVC cover stuffed with soft yet firm foam. This padding is a little over 2 inches in thickness. It, therefore, ensures that you can rest comfortably on the seat for long periods of time without getting numb or stiff.

Headrest pillow

The seat also comes with a head-rest pillow for additional comfort. However, this might night be comfortable for everyone especially if you are wearing headgear if you have a chunky hairdo.

The good news, in this case, is that the headrest pillow can easily be detached. It is therefore entirely up to you to decide whether or not you want to use it.

Large seat dimensions

The seat portion of the swing might be built for one person but it offers plenty of room. You can, therefore, lay straight, curl up into a fetal position or sit however else you like while on the chair.

However, the armrests have been described by users as uncomfortable and restricting. If this is the case for you then you can very easily get rid of them.

Smooth curve design

The smooth curve of the lounge chair allows you to enjoy it both whiles seated or laying down. The curve is gentle on your back which means you do not have to worry about straining.


It is comfortable

With all the comfort features, you can very easily spend all your time on this swing without experiencing any discomfort. All you have to do is find that perfect position you will be good to go.

It is strong and stable

The strong and well-constructed frame and stand pretty much guarantee your safety and stability. No worrying about the swing toppling over while you rock back and forth in bliss.

The seats are weatherproof

The PVC coating protects the seat cushions from harsh weather elements including extreme sunlight and rain. This means you can easily set it up outside and leave it there without having to worry about it getting damaged.


It is difficult to assemble

Like most swings, this set comes in separate pieces for you to assemble on site. The massive nature of the swing makes it particularly difficult with the instructions offering very little help.

It takes a lot of space

You will need some extra room in your back yard or porch to set this one up. With dimensions of 76 inches height by 46 inches in width, it is actually one of the biggest swings on the market.

The PVC coating is not breathable thus uncomfortable

The PVC might offer the benefit of being waterproof but it also negatively affects overall comfort. Sitting on the swing for long and in hot weather will lead to uncomfortable sweating as a result of the plastic’s heat retention. The fact that it is not aerated also contributes to this outcome.

Curved Hanging Lounge Chairs

Below you can find more Curved Hanging Lounger Swings, similar to the Hanging Chaise Lounge chair from Best Choice Products

A curved lounger swing provides full back support, and the arched shape makes it comfortable to sit in and read, chat, or simply take in the scenery.

Many designs come with shade protection, making them ideal for outdoor use, although they are stylish enough for indoor use too. Curved Hanging Loungers are available in a range of designs (both with and without stands). Here are our TOP choices for prospective buyers:

Luxury Wooden Hanging Lounge Chair Wave

A bit pricey, but one of the most beautiful swing loungers available is the Hanging Lounge Chair Wave by Exaco.

A wooden swing chair lounger in the shape of a wave. This extremely comfortable luxury model made from Scandinavian timber is new in the US market. With style, elegance, comfort, and innovation in one.

The specially designed cushion is made of polyester material and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. At first glance, the hanging lounger in the shape of waves looks as if it is only a beautiful work of art. But the fact is, it is an extremely comfortable piece of furniture. However, s disadvantage is the lack of canopy.

Great Deal Furniture Brown Wicker Hanging Chair with Cushions

Outdoor Brown Wicker Hanging Chair with Cushions – click on image to check the price and availability

This all-weather swinging lounge chair with stand is made using a woven resin wicker material which is UV-protected, preventing fading and wear. The structure itself (the stand and the chair frame) is constructed from sturdy yet beautiful, weather-resistant material.

River Cottage Gardens Wooden Outdoor Lounge Chair

If you’re looking for a classic curved lounger made of wood but with a canopy for sun protection, this wooden lounge chair boasts a clean design and also comes with a sturdy stand

For the most part, this chair has the same design as the Hanging Chaise Lounger from Best Choice Products. It has the same long smooth curve as the detachable canopy umbrella.

However, when it comes to comfort it is greatly lacking. It has thin cushions which make it uncomfortable to rest on for long periods of time. It also has a significantly less stable stand and more likely to topple over.

However, if you are looking for something simple and in the same design but more affordable, then it is an option worth considering.

Curved Lounger Swing Without Stand

If you’ve already got the perfect spot to mount your lounger, and you don’t need a stand, then you can purchase the same model – Hanging Lounge Chair Wave by Exaco without stand.

It will cost twice as less and it is an excellent choice. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, wherever you choose to relax.

Final verdict

In conclusion, the Hanging Chaise Lounge Chair with Canopy is a good option for a large and comfortable outdoor swing. The weatherproof design, as well as the canopy, make it possible to set it anywhere from your condo rooftop to your suburban home pool deck.

The adjustable comfort features also mean you have a lot to look forward to in terms of fun chilling time. So if you are willing to live with the occasional sweat pools and the difficult setup you will have yourself a true treasure.

Ten Reasons To Choose A Hanging Lounger For Your Home

When it comes to buying furniture we are surrounded by many different (and exciting) possibilities. So many in fact that it can sometimes be hard to choose. Here are ten reasons why a hanging chaise lounger would be the ideal addition to your home.

  • Unique seating experience

A hanging lounger offers a seating experience like nothing else in the world. It allows you to lift off from the world and feel as though you are floating in the air – and if that’s not a unique experience then we don’t know what is!

  • Eye-catching design

You won’t find hanging chairs or loungers everywhere you go, they certainly aren’t a common piece of furniture. But this makes them unique, eye-catching, and always memorable. If you’re looking for a new conversation piece (that’s also perfect for relaxing in) then a hanging lounger is an excellent choice.

  • Ideal for relaxing

Hanging loungers are perfect for people who need a chair that will help them unwind. The gentle rocking motion of these loungers, and the room to spread out make them unmatched when it comes to relaxation.

  • Your friends will love it

You’ll love owning a hanging lounger and your guests will love you for having one too! Plus, many of our featured hanging chairs are capable of seating more than one person – making this an ideal piece of furniture for those who love to entertain – both indoors and outdoors.

  • Family-friendly

There are dozens of hanging loungers on the market that are designed to hold upwards of 400lbs which means they can be used by the whole family. Ideal for watching an outdoor movie together or just looking up at the stars and telling stories. Great memories await!

  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Hanging loungers can be introduced to almost any room of the house. They make an attractive addition to a bedroom or study and are eye-catching as living room decor too. But hanging loungers are also ideal for outdoor spaces such as porches, balconies, or poolside.

There are even loungers made for traveling. These feature a lightweight design that makes them perfect for camping, hiking, and fishing trips. Imagine looking up at the stars from one of these loungers – now that would be pure bliss!

  • Shade protection

With an outdoor hanging lounger, you don’t need to compromise on shade protection as many varieties actually come with their own canopies. These help to decrease the glare and the amount of sun that reaches the chair. This is especially useful when you’re planning on spending a few hours in the lounger which trust us, you’re going to want to do.

  • They’re available with or without stands

Hanging loungers are available with or without support stands. Those that come without stands usually come with brackets and/or chains to make installation easier.

There are many different types to choose from so it’s up to you to decide which type of lounger will suit your home and your lifestyle better.

  • Easy to care for

Hanging loungers are easy to look after and can last for many, many years. Just follow the manufacturers’ instructions to keep your chair in showroom condition.

  • Powerful de-stressor

One of the most attractive qualities of hanging loungers is their gentle rocking motion, which many people find to be a powerful de-stressor. These types of loungers are well-suited to people looking for a unique way to retreat from the world and find total relaxation.

FAQ’s About Hanging Lounge Chairs

Buying a hanging lounger is an exciting experience but many people have questions when it comes to their purchase.

What is a hanging chaise lounger used for?

A hanging lounger is a piece of furniture that can be placed indoors or outdoors and is designed for relaxation. Loungers allow you to recline (lie down) or sit up and these chairs can be mounted to a wall or tree or hung from a stand.

What makes hanging loungers so special?

Hanging loungers and chairs offer a unique seating experience. Because all the weight is supported from the top (rather than the bottom like most furniture), it makes you feel as though you are floating in the air. Most lounges also feature soft cushions and this combined with a gentle rocking motion is ideal for unwinding after a long day.

I live in an apartment – can I have a hanging chaise lounger?

Of course, you can! Just like hanging chairs, there is a hanging lounger for everyone. Hanging loungers aren’t only for those with huge houses.

If you don’t want to mount your lounger or make it a permanent feature you can choose one that comes with its own stand. If your apartment has a balcony you might want to consider an outdoor lounger with a canopy to provide a little shade.

Many types of hanging loungers are made to seat more than one person, which also makes them useful for small areas like apartments.

I like to travel – what’s the best type of hanging lounger for me?

Space and portability are the main factors that you would need to consider if you wanted a hanging lounger that you could travel with. You’d want to choose a hanging chair with a lightweight design that is easy to assemble and dismantle, and made from a strong durable fabric. You would also want to consider whether the lounger needs to be just big enough for you or for your family as well.

Where can I buy replacement parts and cushions for my hanging lounger?

Should you need a replacement part for your chair, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or the store you purchased the chair from. Failing this you could also visit a general hardware store who should also be able to assist.

The same would apply if you need replacement cushions or soft furnishings for your chair. These can usually be purchased without any hassle from the supplier but you could also have your own bespoke cushions designed and made by an interior designer.

What type of materials are used to make hanging chairs?

Most types of hanging chairs and loungers are made from a combination of materials such as wood, metal, fabric, and rattan.

Hanging loungers that fold away easily are usually made from aluminum which is both lightweight and strong. Heavier loungers made from wood are more well-suited for long term placement while rattan chairs are lighter and weatherproof.

Are our hanging chairs and loungers safe?

You must read the instructions that come with your hanging lounger to ensure that you assemble and use it as recommended by the manufacturer.

Hanging chairs and loungers should always be used with caution, especially by unsteady or elderly persons. And because hanging chairs often have moving parts, it’s best for children not to use them without adult supervision.

How do I choose the best outdoor hanging lounger?

When it comes to any type of outdoor furniture, the first thing you’ll want to do is consider the material it’s made from. Make sure that you choose a chair that is intended for use outside – like wood or treated rattan.

You’ll also want to check whether the cushions are weatherproof of whether they need to be removed after use.

Then you’ll need to decide whether you want a free-swinging hanging lounger or whether you prefer a chair with a stand. It’s a good idea to invest in a lounger that has a canopy as this can be a lifesaver on hot days.

How do I clean my hanging lounger?

Each hanging lounger should come with a set of instructions for cleaning. Making sure that your hanging chair is clean will keep it in tip-top shape so it’s important to make a note of these cleaning instructions.

Many loungers (especially those intended for outdoor use) require minimal cleaning – sometimes just a rubdown with a damp cloth is all that’s required.

What should I look for when buying my hanging chaise lounger?

When it comes to purchasing a hanging lounger these are some of the factors you should consider:

  • Size vs. available space
  • Weight Capacity
  • With or without stand
  • Indoor or Outdoor use
  • With or without cushions
  • What type of maintenance
  • What type of cleaning is required
  • What type of tools are needed for assembly
  • Does it need to be portable

How to Choose the Best Portable Grill for RV 2020

RVs may come in every size and shape to reflect the specific interests of owners. But when grilling makes it to a camper’s list of activities, any grill can’t be okay.

There, you need an RV grill. Let’s assume this picture a unit that is lightweight/ portable, easy to place/ mountable, and has enough heating power. This pretty much tells you what the best portable grill for RV looks like.

Countless models are on sale, and the list of popular grills isn’t very small. You need just one or two, and when you need to buy, the choice may not come easy.

Over the years, our taste buds have grown, and so is our sense of judgment that gives us one name ‘Cuisinart CGG-306 Professional Tabletop Gas Grill’.

Here’s an account of our experience with four other RV BBQ grills and a suggestive buying guide to ease your way to purchase.

4 Best Portable Grills for RV Reviews

Since you’re reading our very original RV grills review, you need to know that the following choices are the ones we’ve put after a lot of testing. No exaggerations, no hypes! Only the truth!

1. Cuisinart CGG-501 Gourmet Gas Griddle – Editor Choice

You can’t be wrong to take it for the best portable grill for RV. Unboxing the package, you’ll see an all stainless-steel grill that costs a reasonable sum but cooks with much power.


  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 20.5 x 9 inches
  • BTU: Total 20,000 BTUs, stainless steel burners
  • Cooking Area: Total 285 square inch
  • Twist ignition system for startups
  • Cold-rolled steel cooking surface



  • Cooking Experience: The two burners, 20,000 BTUs, and 285 square inch cooking surface are the key specs to take it on top. It may not give you the luxury of design but will perform brilliantly. It may reach a whooping maximum of 700° heating temperature. Be aware!
  • Mounting System: We didn’t really seek any mounting support for this one. Its tabletop design suffices every time while we’re out with RVs.
  • Design and Material: Starting with the housing, moving inside the lid, touching the grate, and getting down to the burner, you’ll see one remarkable thing – the mastery of stainless steel which gives it a shiny look. The twist-start ignition works smoothly, and the thermometer with the heat control knobs yields ease of use.


  • Great cooking performance
  • Large primary cooking surface
  • Heavy-duty burners and durable housing
  • Particularly affordable (considering the strength of specifications)
  • Lightweight with excellent portability, thanks to the large carry handle


  • The latch may not hold the lid securely after a few months of use.
  • Sometimes, the heat output may be unnecessarily higher and uneven.

To avoid getting undercooked/ overcooked meal, you should use the thermometer and burner knobs carefully. Also, don’t allow too high temperatures because it may melt the latch.

2. Flame King RV Or Trailer Mounted BBQ – Best Value

Anybody would take the price as the only strong suit, but we looked deeper and came to conclude that this Flame King RV grill offers great value even with all its limitations included

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 17 inches
  • Cooking Area: Total 214 square inches
  • Adjustable flame controller
  • Dual locking lid for secure storage



  • Cooking Experience: You’ll have stainless steel cooking grates for the primary cooking space and a warming rack of the same material makes a total of 214-square-foot surface that receives sufficient heat delivery through the couple of stainless steel burners. It seems almost an unmatched advantage from a gas grill under 100 dollars.
  • Mounting System: Not many RV grills come with a complete bracket system such as this one. Added to it are locking retainer pins which allow for secure mounting. For a freestanding grill, the hanging rack serves well but with a little support.
  • Design and Material: Considering the extended (20″ x 17″ x 8″) and folded (11-1/2″ x 20″) dimensions, you’re going to save some space if that matters most while on an RV day. The lid has a dual locking system that makes it secure all the way.


  • A two-way cooking system allowing large surface
  • Pretty much affordable for an RV grill
  • Lightweight with space-saving design
  • An integrated bracket system making it mountable to both motorhome and RVs
  • Hassle-free mounting plus freestanding


  • The hanging rack doesn’t serve as the legs, making the grill unstable and unbefitting when equal heat distribution is expected.

Using a table may be the solution to the stability issue. Bring an LP gas (female) connection system for your RV or trailer. Otherwise, you’ll need a compatible (quick connect) LP gas line for this Flame King grill.

3. Coleman RoadTrip LXX Portable Grill – Best For Propane Grill

This RV gas grill comes filled with features like interchangeable cook-top, sliding side tables, utensil hooks, and collapsible stand with wheels to take your grilling pursuits anywhere desired.


  • Product Dimensions: 19.1 x 34 x 13.6 inches
  • BTU: Total 20,000 BTUs, adjustable 2 burners each  10,000 BTUs
  • Cooking Area: Total 285 square inches
  • PerfectFlow technology ignition



  • Cooking Experience: 22,000 BTUs through 2 burners should fire up whatever you put on the cast iron cooking grate. Also, the 285-square-inch surface isn’t a joke since you can have the grills/steaks for your family ready in just minutes.
  • Mounting System: If you want one of those RV camping grills with a freestanding design, you’ll love it. No brackets, no additional mounting systems! Grab either of the side tables and pull each stand (leg) out until you have them fully extended. Just lower the unit and slide back to allow the leg extensions to lock into the brackets. It’s ready!
  • Design and Material: Even you’ve to put the beauty aside, you can’t ignore the material profile stainless steel for burner and side table, steel for bottom and lid, and cast iron for cooking grate.


  • Big on heat delivery with large cooking surface
  • Modern, stylish look with a convenient collapsible design
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy setup and extension with a smooth sliding mechanism
  • Hassle-free maintenance


  • Too heavy to carry, especially when you’re to lift it

So much for the weight! It can’t stop Coleman RoadTrip from being your favorite compact camping grill, thanks to the rugged wheels!

4. Weber 51040001 Q1200 – Best For Liquid Propane Grill

A quick look at the propane grill will clear any confusion regarding its efficiency and worth. We can’t deny that we fell for its look/feel, but its specs are strong too.


  • Product Dimensions: 24.6 x 20.5 x 40.9 inches
  • BTU: Total 8500 BTU Per Hour, Stainless Steel Burner
  • Cooking Area: Total 189 Square Inch
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Electronic ignition



  • Cooking Experience: Heat output may not be as much as the others on our list, but the even distribution of heat across the large cooking space pays off.
  • Mounting System: With the freestanding design, you really don’t want an additional mounting support. Extending the legs, you can put it somewhere inside the RV.
  • Design and Material: If you’ve any idea about the utility of cast aluminum, you’ll love the body and durable nylon frame. The cast iron grates have porcelain enamel coating. The burner tube is also built to perfection. The lid thermometer allows good control. The folding side tables with the removable catch pan expand your comfort zone.


  • Elegant and lightweight design
  • Large primary surface with side tables for added convenience while cooking
  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Seven attractive colors


  • The regulator, according to many users, doesn’t do its job.

The complaint seems a little overrated because we found the same issue twice in three months, but it doesn’t always work weirdly. In your case, you can get a replacement if the issue persists.

Best Portable Grill for RV Buying Guide for 2020

You might be interested in learning what makes some gas grills for RVs better than others, and this curiosity isn’t atypical of someone with the desire to buy the best RV gas grill.

Let’s start with the type and then move forward with the standard components and features of an RV propane grill.


Considering the usage of fuel, there’re three types of grills to choose from, such as gas grills, the most popular ones; charcoal grills, the right option for purist and those who love smoky flavor; and electric grills, ideal for people who either want a unit ready at home or are amenable to fire regulations.

One distinctive style of grills that uses either gas or charcoal is a portable BBQ model which is a sure choice for BBQ camping enthusiasts or big fans of RV barbecue. It can be an RV mounted grill or a freestanding unit.

One of the variations of charcoal is a Kamado grill which is known for even heat distribution mostly due to small cooking surface. Do you look for something of a combo? A pellet grill is the answer that gives you the best of both charcoal and gas.

Construction and Materials

As long as the frame/housing of a grill machine is in your thoughts, you’ll come across RV stainless models, but a cast iron portable gas grill is durable too despite being a little unconventional. The materials used for the different parts of the grill are important too. You’ll find notes on them in the following discussion.


When it’s a travel trailer BBQ grill you’re talking about, you shouldn’t skip certain features that make the unit worth your while. These features include the cooking grates, temperature control settings, burner, and mounting systems (when intended for an RV).

Cooking Grates and Surface

Remember where you put all the meat or food when it’s time to grill them? That’s called the grate which can be made of either cast iron or stainless steel. The size of the grate determines how much of the cooking surface you’re about to get.

On average, you’ll get 150 to 300 square inches of primary space. Some grills include a warming rack that provides an additional of 50 to 100 square inches of space. Make sure the grate you choose offers a non-sticky surface that is easy to clean after cooking.

Temperature Control

Gas grills usually come with a built-in temperature control system that consists of temperature gauges located typically on the lid. One of the reasons why these grills are loved so much is this particular feature that is available on a charcoal grill but in a little intriguing way. You need to know the right ways to control the temperature since no knobs are there to let you.


It’s an important component that can barely be seen but always found to do the job you need a grill for. Yes, it’s the part of your grill that does the burning and lets you prepare your recipes.

Burners are usually made of stainless steel. An average gas BBQ camping grill has one burner to deliver 5,000 BTUs to 11,000 BTUs, but a larger RV outdoor grill may contain a couple of burners for delivering a larger amount of BTUs.

RV BBQ Grill Mount

The best RV BBQ grill is the one that has all of these features plus strong and secure mounting brackets. Some may not include any sort of mount, in which case, you need to buy one. So, choose the one that comes with integrated brackets or an RV grill mount rail.

Other Features

Some more features become relevant when you’re looking for a travel gas grill. One of them is the ignition system which needs to be reliable. While a push-button igniter is common, you may count on the electronic version too because of its reliability and ease of use.

Look for the ones with collapsible legs so that you can take it out in the woods when needed. Most models come with an appropriate hose and valve, and the ones without them will require the users to buy them anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you prefer getting the best grill for RV living to a few moments of fun only, it’s okay to have more questions even after the above details. So, let’s get deeper into the common knowledge.

What is an RV grill?

Not much of a deviation from a typical unit, an RV grill is designed to be portable with some considerations to make it lightweight. With special thoughts about durability, any outdoor grill with a piece of mounting hardware should be good for your recreational vehicle or trailer.

What are good RV grill brands?

You might have heard so much about a trailer hitch grill Weber, but there’re other reputable brands like Coleman and Cuisinart. You may also look at the units from some emerging manufacturers like Flame King, Smoke Hollow, Blackstone, Camco, etc.

What are the Different Types of RV Grills?

If you know what an outdoor grill is, you really have few things to notice in an RV grill. So, the concept of ‘type’ comes down to how you position the grill on your vehicle. You can mount it on the specific rail or setup or use it as a freestanding machine. Follow the ‘Types’ section for more details.

What is the advantage of gas grills?

Gas grills offer benefits that make them special and preferable under different circumstances.

  • These grills come quickly to the required cooking temperature.
  • Most units are easy to set up, light, clean, and preserve. The control knobs add to your convenience when heat control matters.
  • Gas, as a fuel, costs less and is eco-friendly making you worry less about your commitment to a better world.

How to clean an RV grill?

Once you have the best RV grill, you’ll want to make sure your grill gives you a healthy cooking surface and lasts for years. Here’s the guide.

  • Turn off the fuel supply system
  • Remove the cooking grates and burner covers.
  • Inspect them and clean them thoroughly by scrubbing them in warm water.
  • Scrape the grill using a putty knife but be careful not to damage any spot inside it.
  • Rinse the dip tray or waste disposal box.
  • Clean everything that is removable.
  • Dry the separated parts and put them back to their places.
  • Check the igniter switch and batteries, pressure regulators, the thermometer and on/off switches to see if they’re working properly.

You need not undergo these steps every day. Just make sure you do them once after using the unit 3-4 times.


Have you already figured out your best portable grill for RV? We know it’s not about the specs only. Focus on the materials of the different components, and choose the design and capacity of the burner carefully because you don’t want to have hot and cold spots while cooking.

Don’t preoccupy your mind with any single consideration like the BTUs, or the mounting facility, or even the fuel supply system. Remember that good products are always the ones with the perfect balance of features and performance, and each of the above grills makes a good impression on that account.

So, happy grilling!

Best Super-Automatic Espresso Machine Reviews

Super-automatic machines are the creme de la creme of full-featured espresso machines. Not sure what that means exactly?

Let’s take a quick survey of your needs:

Do you want your machine to grind and tamp the beans? Check.

Do you want your machine to brew espresso with one touch? Check.

Do you want your machine to steam froth the milk? Check.

Do you want your machine to add the milk to the espresso? Check!

With super-automatics, all you have to do is supply the ingredients and with literally the touch of a button, you have an amazing espresso. Many of these machines will also store your precise preferences for each drink, including brew strength and temp for a customized experience.

THE FINAL SHOT: The Gaggia Accademia claims the top spot in this category. This machine offers the biggest range of programmable options for brew strength, volume, and temp as well as the amount of milk froth on specialty drinks. It also self-primes, has a ceramic burr grinder with 7 settings and the slim detachable milk carafe can be stored in the fridge.

It does not get easier and more consistent than a high-end super-automatic. Some of these machines rival highly-skilled baristas and do replace and replicate the coffee shop experience at home. If you’re constantly dropping by your local cafe, this is a great investment.

#1 Choice – Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine

If I could sum up the Gaggia Accademia into one word it would be: Impressive.

The Gaggia Accademia is a behemoth of an espresso machine, weighing in at 47 lbs and 11” x 16” x 14.6” in size. This is a big, bold, statement-making machine that is professional-grade and comes equipped with all the features, styling, and high-quality stainless steel construction you would expect from a top-level espresso maker.

The Accademia is designed with one-touch, programmable, push-button controls for espresso, hot water, and milk that allow you to select your desired beverage from espresso, Caffe, Caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte, latte macchiato, and hot water, which makes using the machine incredibly easy. Once you get this machine you are going to be trying all different combinations to find out exactly your perfect drink.

It feels more like you are using something special when you turn on this machine to make your morning espresso. The intelligent user interface makes learning the new machine intuitively.

The Accademia offers a wide range of programmable controls, more than many of its counterparts which sets it apart. It features seven fully programmable drink options for tailor-made espresso, Caffe, Caffe lungo, cappuccino, latte macchiato, and others.

The drink tempo, volume, and strength can be pre-set to your specifications. Milk selections are also fully customizable and allow you to choose from minimal, normal, or no froth options.

Gaggia included a pre-brewing system that maximizes flavor extraction; a ceramic burr grinder with integrated bean hopper and double lid aroma saver; an integrated ground coffee container that’s removable from the front; an adjustable, telescopic coffee dispenser attached at a maximum height of a little over 6 ½’’ to accommodate a wide variety of cup sizes; and programmable coffee quantity of up to 10 cups. It has it all.

The Gaggia 1003380 Accademia Espresso Machine is by far my favorite in the super-automatic category and is highly raved about with 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

  • Adjustable telescopic coffee dispenser with a maximum height of a little over 6-1/2-inch
  • Ceramic burr grinder with integrated bean hopper and double lid aroma saver
  • Integrated coffee grounds container, removable from the front
  • Programmable coffee quantity – from 7 to 10-cup
  • Pre-brewing system for maximum flavor extraction

2. Choice – SAECO HD8753/87 Philips Intellia

The Saeco Intellia is my second favorite fully automatic machine. It is well equipped with one-touch buttons so you can easily brew up a delicious cappuccino in the morning.

Over time you can learn and adapt how strong you want your espresso with easy to use buttons to program exactly how you like your drink. The milk frother takes out all the guesswork in hand steaming your milk.

It is perfect every time and going to be better and more consistent than the barista down at your local coffee shop. If you start using this machine you will never want to walk into another coffee shop again.

The grinder is ultra-quiet compared to other super-automatics. It makes waking up early in the morning a little gentler without the jarring noise of a loud grinder.

Refilling the beans, water, milk is all very easy. They engineered this machine to perfection. The milk steaming unit is self-contained so when your finished brewing you can pull it off and put it in your fridge for the next time you use it. It is super easy and beautiful to work with.

A lot of high-end machines have dedicated milk containers but routes through a nozzle. This can be a pain because you have to clean the nozzle every time you use it or risk safety/health concerns.

With the Saeco Intellia, you do not have to do this and it makes maintenance a lot easier. That is why we buy super-automatics in the first place, to have great tasting espresso drinks without all of the work and cleaning.

If you choose the Saeco Philips Intellia you will not be disappointed. With 4.5 stars on Amazon, it cannot be beaten on price and how much people rave about it. In the super-automatic category, this is a serious machine.

  • One-touch cappuccino
  • Integrated automatic milk function with Easy Refill, milk carafe included
  • Adjustable coffee strength and temperature, Ceramic grinders for Aroma preserving
  • Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
  • Pre-brewing function for flavor enhancing

3. Choice – Mr. Coffee Café Barista Espresso Maker

If you are on a strict budget and just getting into espresso the Mr. Coffee Barista express is the cheapest option to still get fully automatic capabilities.

This is great for first-time espresso makers, it comes with a one-touch control panel that lets you choose from a single- or double-shot of espresso, cappuccino, or latte easily. This is great for the novice express-lover who doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by a million variables and brewing options.

If you’re finicky regarding froth, the espresso maker comes with an automatic milk frother that will not only turn your favorite brand of milk into a light, creamy foam but will also let you select the froth level, allowing you to customize your beverage.

If you drink nothing but full-flavored espresso, the espresso maker comes with a 15-bar pressure pump that will extract maximum flavor from every coffee granule.

If you’re worried about whether the espresso maker will be a pain to clean, don’t be, because it comes with a removable water tank and drip tray, both of which make cleaning the espresso maker hassle-free.

The rest of the espresso maker’s features include a Portafilter, which ensures the espresso maker produces proper espresso every time; a measuring scoop/tamper, which not only enables you to brew accurately but also helps you ensure that the ground coffee beans are put in the container evenly; a filter for single and double-shot espresso, which can help you brew accurately as well; and recipes, which enable you to make proper espresso by yourself every time. The only complaints about this machine that customers have aired are it’s being a little noisy and slightly complicated to use at first.

Nevertheless, the espresso maker received a great rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon. It is both the cheapest and best-reviewed espresso maker on our list.


  • Made in USA or Imported
  • 15 Bar Pump Espresso Maker
  • The one-touch control panel allows you to choose from a single or double shot of espresso, cappuccino, or latte
  • Automatic milk frother turns your favorite milk into a light, creamy foam with ease. Select the froth level you want and the Café Barista does the rest
  • The removable milk reservoir is easy to fill and clean. Great for storing leftover milk in the fridge too
  • The removable water reservoir is easy to fill and clean and means fewer refills between brews

With the wide array of state-of-the-art super-automatic espresso machines currently being sold in the market, it’s possible that finding the best one for you can be a little daunting.

There are so many different designs, sizes, and features to choose from that some might not know where to begin. Given our top 3 best super-automatic espresso machines, we hope to help you find the best one for your needs.