How to Drink Egg Coffee Like a Native?

If you have ever been to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, and have tasted egg coffee, you will never forget this special drink. If you are planning to come to Vietnam soon, we recommend you give this drink a try! In this article, we will share with you how to drink egg coffee like a native. This is also how we enjoyed this drink in Hanoi.

How to drink egg coffee like a native?

The story of egg coffee – How to drink egg coffee?

The creator of the unique egg coffee is Nguyen Van Giang, who used to work as a bartender for the 5-star Sofitel Legend Metropole hotel during the French colonial period (from 1930-1945). Mr. Giang then quit his job and opened a cafe with his name on Cau Go Street, and then moved to 7 Hang Gai. 

From the Western cappuccino, Mr. Giang has quietly researched a cheaper way to prepare it. Because in that situation fresh milk is a scarce commodity in Hanoi. He used whipped egg yolks, creating the same effect as a real cappuccino.

After beating the eggs, the coffee that has just been filtered through the filter is boiled and poured into the egg glass, causing the eggs to rise to the top, looking at the egg foam mixed with coffee creating an extremely attractive golden brown color.

In fact, Mr. Giang’s traditional secret to making an egg coffee also adds a lot of things to the egg yolk before whisking. Mr. Giang’s relatives revealed that they added caramel (wine sugar water). Some people think that there must be some butter and sweetened condensed milk. However, this recipe is still completely top-secret to create the taste of egg coffee at Giang restaurant which is different from other egg cafes in Hanoi. The specialty also lies in the quality of coffee, the way it is made, the ratio between coffee and eggs in a cup, all of which create a rare and delicious taste.

Address of Giang coffee shop in Nguyen Huu Huan today

Currently, the coffee shop at 7 Hang Gai is no longer available. Among the three children of Mr. Giang, the two brothers opened two Giang cafes at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan and 106 Yen Phu, and the sister also sold egg coffee at her own Dinh cafe.

How to drink egg coffee like a native?

According to Mr. Hoa, Mr. Giang’s son, before, when there was no egg beater, the shop would give each guest a glass with two egg yolks and a chopstick to split the head, insert two small cross-shaped stick, and then use both hands to rub the chopsticks to beat the eggs. The owner will then pour hot coffee into the cup for the customer. Not to mention, this hobby of drinking coffee is also interesting because more guests feel the delicious taste due to their efforts. However, with the arrival of the egg beater, the guests will now feel the taste of this dish differently and more richly.

The most appropriate way to drink egg coffee is to tilt the cup properly because both coffee and eggs can be drunk. The aroma of coffee and the fatty taste of egg cream will startle people because of its harmony. In the cold winter of Hanoi, drinking egg coffee is not as interesting.

How to make egg coffee the right way – How to drink egg coffee?

Egg coffee is made quite simply. The bartender must choose fresh whole eggs so as not to cause a fishy smell. Coffee must also be of the finest quality of Vietnam, with a strong aroma. Strain the egg yolk, beat it by hand or machine until it smells like cake, then pour hot coffee lightly into the center of the cup. Pour slowly and you will see the egg rise to the top of the cup.

The way to make egg coffee is not too complicated but requires sophistication and ingenuity. Perhaps that is why in Hanoi, the number of successful baristas can only be counted on the fingers. The recipe is nothing special or secret, but very few places can make this drink recipe. The secret lies in reducing the ratio of eggs, coffee and milk so that it is just right, harmonious, not too sweet, not too bitter, greasy taste hidden in the passionate scent.

The greasy egg flavor blends with the aroma of coffee to create the unique flavor of the coffee cup. You should drink it as soon as the cup of coffee is still hot, otherwise, it will be fishy and difficult to drink.

Egg coffee will be served in 1 bowl of hot water

When drinking, one must slowly stir the floating foam, bringing each small spoon to the mouth so that the beaten egg dissolves, spreading the rich flavor. Egg coffee cups are usually small, low-grade cups that fit in the palm of your hand, just enough for people to enjoy, feel delicious but still crave and miss.

Therefore, the fragrant cup of coffee made from coffee, eggs, and milk has a strange attraction to anyone who has ever had the opportunity to enjoy it. Egg coffee is especially suitable for people who can’t stand the bitter taste of filter coffee, but still want to enjoy and sip a little. The sweet, fatty taste of eggs and milk will melt away the most “unpleasant” part of coffee, leaving only a sweet and attractive aroma.

Egg coffee recipe – How to drink egg coffee?


To make egg ice cream

● Egg yolks: 2 yolks

● Condensed milk: 20ml

● Sugar: 20g

● Rum: 10ml or replace with 1 teaspoon vanilla for the fragrance

Make coffee

● Filtered coffee: 125 ml

● Condensed milk: 30ml


● Tea filter

● Measuring cup

● Egg whisk or egg beater

● Cups, spoons

How to make egg coffee without fishy

Step 1: Make filter coffee: First, rinse the filter through boiling water, then put 20g of coffee into the filter and then press the lid down. Slowly pour 15ml of boiling water in a circle around the filter to let the coffee absorb the water evenly, wait for about 2-3 minutes for the coffee to expand evenly, then pour boiling water over 3/4 of the filter, then close the lid and let the coffee automatically flow out.

Step 2: Make the egg-cream mixture: First filter the egg yolks and put them in a large bowl, add condensed milk, sugar, and alcohol to the bowl and beat with a spatula until the eggs thicken into cream, use a spoon to lift them. The comparison is fine. If you use a coffee machine, it only takes 2-3 minutes to beat.

Step 3: Make egg coffee: After brewing the coffee filter, you add 30ml of condensed milk and stir gently until the mixture is even, note that you should stir gently to keep the coffee warm to keep the taste. tasty. Then slowly pour the egg cream on the surface, because the egg cream is lighter, it will float on top, you pour it with the ratio of egg cream: coffee is 1:1 to achieve the best level.

Note: Hot egg coffee will keep the true taste of Hanoi, so if your coffee has been cold for a long time, you should put it back in the microwave to heat the coffee. And especially, you should only pour egg cream on coffee to make egg coffee when you can enjoy it right away.

Egg coffee has been around for a long time, so it doesn’t create a culinary fever like the noisy dishes of today. It is just enough to smolder to spread, contributing to forming a very Hanoi culinary culture, unmistakable. Hopefully, with this article, you have understood more about egg coffee and also really understood better how to drink egg coffee like a native. Thank you so much!

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